Hari-Kari kinda day

So it’s just been one of those days.  I told Mr. IT Guy maybe I would just take a little break and commit Hari Kari.  He did not know what it was, so for his edification: Hari kari, also known as sepuku, is an ancient form of ritual suicide that defeated samurai, or those whose… Read More

The long awaited post… Mr. IT Guy’s cubicle

Mr. IT Guy is hoarding in the workplace. Read more of the satire and humor of the real Mr. It Guy at our website: http://www.restaurantequipmenttogo.com Read More

Friday is scratch off day at the Frog

On Fridays we have this little ritual (only on days when I’m not having bouts of Alzheimers or running tragically late) that everyone gets a scratch off ticket.  One our our techs (the one who wears deoderant) had a little streak running and I actually asked him to scratch my ticket a few weeks running. … Read More

Mr. IT GUY is famous

Mr. IT GUY is famous… and the boss encourages him to “rise up” Read More