One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Pack: Refrigeration

Did you like our Pack No.1? This time, we’re covering all about refrigeration. Why? Because if fridges and freezers didn’t exist, then restaurants would likely have to order new supplies every single day. The basic features of your garden-variety fridges and freezers (called reach-ins). What’s inside a fridge? (And we’re talking about the actual technical… Read More

Walk in at One Fat Frog, get a new walk-in unit

The Frog is back with a walk-in update! We’ve got display model walk-in coolers and freezers at low, low prices. These are new units at used prices. Call the Frog for the best deal around. Why buy a walk-in at One Fat Frog? We offer cooler and freezer combos, custom sizes and shapes, as well… Read More

Used Walk in: cooler, refrigerator, combo, cooler for sale

lots to choose from USED- warranty – free delivery= free custom paint jobs so your shop matches. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 11473 S OBT< Orlando FL several used walk in coolers and freezers and combo units in at the Frog this week Read More

Walk-In Hijinks; Used Poxy-Coated Shelves Now Available

In high school, I used to work at a large pizza chain *coughPizzaHutcough*. The majority of my co-workers were my age – a handful were close friends. To help remedy the daily dullness that plagued us in the kitchen, we played a lot of pranks on one another. Pranks that gently broke company policy, but… Read More

Morgue Cooler deep discount- best prices

mortuary coolers for sale for your funeral home- is it time to replace your unit? Call the experts at One Fat Frog- we deliver nationwide. excellent pricing and fair deals to fit your budget. We are a women owned business which also helps for bid spec work if you are opening a new retirement home or facility- call us a toll free at 1 (866) 823-9818 Read More

discount walk in coolers

looking for an affordable walk-in cooler. We offer several lines of walk-in coolers from highest quality to entry level equipment. We have over 20years experience in commercial industrial walk in settings. Looking to buy a cooler or freezer for a school, preschool or daycare? Give us a call. We can also outfit hotels, motels, catering, food service, restaurant, bar, mortuaries & funeral homes. We also do floral coolers.

call 407 – 936-FROG Read More