Serving Customers with Dietary Restrictions

Rporting here from One Fat Frog, Orlando with some more food safety tips to keep your customers happy and healthy when enjoying your restaurant. Every  restaurant owner has a lot to consider when opening a restaurant.  With specific dietary restriction and lifestyles becoming more mainstream it is important to be informed on the diverse dietary choices… Read More

Restaurant on Mills Fuses Asian and Latin Food and It’s Everything

Combining two things that normally don’t go together to make them wonderful is not an easy task. I mean, here at One Fat Frog we mixed restaurant equipment with fun and the outcome was beautiful. When was restaurant equipment ever fun before One Fat Frog?! Never…it never was. But it is rare when someone successfully… Read More

special menu for vegetarians

Okay, I admit to knowing too much about being vegetarian, about being vegan, about being high raw, about being oil free.  Yet, for the past few years I’ve not lived the life- yes, you’ll recognize me because I have the closest physique to a McDonald’s lover.  Let’s just leave it at that. But, if you’re… Read More