More Walk-Ins Have Arrived!

Walk in Coolers for Sale in Orlando FL We also sell Walk in Freezers at the Frog.  All units are custom built.  We do have quick ship programs available for the state of Florida.  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has been flipping walk-in coolers and combos like mad lately, and even more walk-ins have just… Read More


At the Frog we are anal about our walkins. Our team not only disassembles them but once they get to the Frog that’s not enough. We also reassemble them as part of our test process. We had a team out in Sanford putting together walkins into the evening in Sanford. We’re here to make sure… Read More

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All the Walk-In Standard Features That Are Fit to Print

Walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers are a staple of just about every kind of restaurant in the galaxy. From bars to pizzerias, from bakeries to vegan restaurants, everyone could use a big space for their unprepared or prepared items. If I had one in my home I would store all of my ex-girlfriends *ahem* I… Read More