Save Big With Used Ice Cream Parlor Equipment!

The great thing about owning an ice cream parlor in Florida is that it never goes out of season. Even in December people will still be lining up and forking over their cash for a spoonful of the cool, creamy elixir. If you own an ice cream parlor or have been thinking about starting one… Read More

Soft Serve Scraper Blades; Used Taylor Soft Serve Machine Available

Hey do you like ice cream? If you don’t, stop reading this right now and go check yourself into an asylum. If you do, we should hang out some time. Maybe get some lunch, catch a movie, then go pour soft serve ice cream directly into our mouths with this used Taylor soft serve machine,… Read More

Baskin-Robbins Wants You to Eat Its Magic Bar

Well, Baskin-Robbins wants you to eat Magic Bar, or one of the other nine finalists in its second National Online Flavor Creation Contest. People can vote online for the one that tickles their taste buds the most and the winning flavor will be the July 2012 Flavor of the Month. Here’s the full list below.… Read More

Used Psychic Soft Serve Machines

The temperature may be dropping outside, but get real, folks, ice cream never goes out of style in Florida. To help you accommodate the need of your customers, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has several models of HC DUKE and TAYLOR soft serve machines available. These are the same models used at the major chains… Read More

Sale on Used DUKE and TAYLOR Soft Serve Machines

It’s about 190 degrees out. My shirt is soaked through with sweat from just checking the mail. It’s time for soft serve ice cream. THIS WEEK ONLY you can get a used DUKE soft serve machine for only $2,700! THIS WEEK ONLY you can get a used TAYLOR soft serve machine for a fraction of… Read More

Fight Back Against the Evil Heat Wave With the Glorious Power of Soft Serve Ice Cream

Summer is in full blast and what better defense than ice cream?! It’s the perfect way to cool off customers and load that cash register. One Fat Frog currently has 3 HC Duke soft serve machines and 2 Taylor soft serve machines for sale. HC DUKE model numbers: 957R-432 957CMT-132 917N-CMT-132 TAYLOR model numbers: 339-27… Read More