Slicers, Slicers and Some More Slicers

Here at one fat frog, we find it imperative that there is never a shortage of slicers in stock. Why do we like slicers so much you ask? Well my friend, it seems you may already know the answer to the question. When you go to Publix or your neighborhood grocery store and get you’re… Read More

Restaurant Supplies by the Truckload

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is like the cure-all for your restaurant supply needs. No matter what kind of restaurant you may run, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got the restaurant supplies you need to have the strongest, most dynamic, and most versatile restaurant in your area – possibly in the world. We’ll see.… Read More

Cool Ranch in the Sky: Doritos Inventor Dies at 97

It’s a sad, sad day for every red-blooded gringo. Arch West, a former marketing executive at Frito-Lay and the creator of the Dorito, has passed away at 97 years old. I’ve never been a huge fan of junk snacks, I can’t deny the epic awesomeness of the Dorito. It just tastes good. And it smells… Read More