Discounted Used Refrigerated Prep Tables on Sale!

I’ve said it before, but seriously, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a ridiculous amount of used refrigerated prep tables. Pretty much every size imaginable is under our warehouse roof. We’ve got both the used refrigerated sandwich prep tables and the extra-wide used refrigerated pizza prep tables. No matter what size and type you’re looking… Read More

Used Refrigerated 4-Drawer Prep Table

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Nice Selection of Used Refrigerated Prep Tables Available on the Cheap

Currently available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is a plethora of used refrigerated prep tables of both the pizza and sandwich variety. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got single, double, and triple door refrigerated prep tables available from reliable brands like True, Beverage Air, and some brands that haven’t even been invented yet! That’s how… Read More

Heaps of Used Refrigerated Pizza and Sandwich Prep Tables Available

With all of the used refrigerated prep tables at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, you could prepare pizza and sandwiches for a small country. Currently residing at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando are 27 used sandwich and pizza prep tables. What makes a pizza prep table different than a sandwich… Read More