OBT Store Will Be Open Saturday, February 18

Special news, Fans of the Frog! The mighty mighty One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse will be open tomorrow, Saturday February 18, 2012, from 10:00pm to 3:00pm! Come in and cruise our massive warehouse of used commercial restaurant equipment or just come by to annoy us! One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange… Read More

My Kind of Weatherman

Finally, a weather man that doesn’t bore me to tears, someone who really speaks my language. He’s your favorite rapper’s favorite weatherman. Larry Birds all over the place! One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409

Cash Discounts on Used Restaurant Equipment!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is having a special on quick cash deals for the entire month of February. This means that if you purchase your used commercial restaurant equipment from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and pay in cash, then you will get a seriously deep discount. This applies for anything and any amount… Read More

The One Fat Frog Warranty!

Stand by your used commercial restaurant equipment, that’s what my poppa always told me. Here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we have no problem standing by the used commercial restaurant equipment we deliver to the restaurant owners of Florida and beyond. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment attaches a 30 day parts and labor warranty… Read More

Bilingual Staff Activate!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a staff that’s ready to do business know matter what part of the world you are from! Well, almost. Even if we don’t speak the same language we still will find a way to provide you with the same honest service we provide every one else. Currently One Fat… Read More

A Special Call From a Client in Italy

Yesterday One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment got a very awesome call from a client all the ways over in Italy! It’s someone One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has worked with before and he was calling to see if we could help him out with some more used commercial restaurant equipment for a place he’s opening… Read More

Upgrade Your Range Oven Today!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants you to upgrade your range oven! Why settle for a tiny piece when you could upgrade to a beast of a range oven! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment  has several used range ovens for sale at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando from a… Read More

Kiwi Shaves itself

Awwww yeah. How you been? You look wonderful today. Have you done something with your hair? You look 25 years younger – like a teenager. Anyways, here’s your regularly scheduled break from the workday monotony. This is easily the best kiwi shaving himself photo I’ve ever seen. One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom… Read More

A Visit From Some GA Friends

People come from all around to save at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Take yesterday for example. Around noon, a group of four gents came in all the ways from Georgia – that’s a good six hour drive one way! They had awesome accents and talked to me about a food truck they’re going to… Read More