Picking Out the Proper Ice Machine for Your Location

When it comes to sizing an ice machine for your location, you’ve got to take into consideration a few aspects – including the size of your kitchen, your average daily number of patrons, and what kind of drinks you’re serving. Using those three factors you can make a very educated guess at how large of… Read More

Used Hoshizaki 450lb and 1300lb Ice Machines Available

In the mood for love? Or maybe just an affordable ice machine for your restaurant, bar, pizzeria, hotel, school, etc.? Then head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out the selection of used ice machines – an item we always have in stock. It’s rare to find us without at least two ice… Read More

Different Ice for Different Folks; Used Ice Machines

Did you know there are different kinds of ice produced by ice machines? Five types, last time I counted. Each offers up a unique purpose, some more appropriate for restaurants than others, so be sure you know what kind of ice your machine will produce before purchasing. Here’s a look at the different kind of… Read More

Air Cooled vs. Water Cooler Ice Machines

One of the items we get in a lot at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are used ice machines from brands like Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and Scotsman. Some of them are air cooled and some of are water cooled. What’s the difference. As they’re name suggests, air- and water-cooled means the refrigeration compressor and condenser systems… Read More

Flaked vs. Cubed Ice

I posted previously that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment recently got in a used Hoshizaki 800lb flaked ice machine, but what’s the big deal with flaked ice? What are the pros and cons of flaked and cubed ice? You should base your ice machine preference based on the needs at your location. Cubed ice is… Read More

Used Hoshizaki F801MAH Ice Machine: 800lbs of Flaked Ice!

Just arrived at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando is this used Hoshizaki F801MAH ice machine. This bad boy produces approximately 823lbs of flaked ice per day. It’s an air-cooled model with a self-contained condenser. 660lbs of storage with a 15 minute flush cycle every 12 hours. Includes a removable air filter… Read More

Ice Machines Aren’t Just for Restaurants

People dining in restaurants aren’t the only ones who like ice in their drinks. What about the warehouse workers, the delivery drivers, the landscapers, truck drivers, UPS & FedEx workers, laborers, etc.? These hardworking men and women should have an ice machine at their disposal just as much as a restaurant! Ice machines can also… Read More

Used 275lb Ice Machine or Gonk Droid?

This 275lb ice machine reminded me of a gonk droid from Star Wars, but then I made this comparison photo and they don’t look anything alike. Anyways, come check out this 275lb Scotsman ice machine today. One Fat Frog • 2416 West Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409 http://www.onefatfrog.com http://www.onefatfrog.tumblr.com http://www.facebook.com/OneFatFrogRestaurantEquipment http://www.twitter.com/#!/onefatfrog

Scotsman 650lb Touchless Ice Machine Now Available

Now available at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Showroom location in Sanford, Fl is this fantastic Scotsman TDE650 Touchless ice machine that produces 650lbs of ice per day. This awesome used Scotsman TDE650 Touchless ice machine is perfect for office buildings, hotel breezeways, gyms, country clubs, golf clubhouses, daycare centers, churches, assisted living homes,… Read More

All About Undercounter Refrigeration

Undercounter fridges and freezers are downright perfect for bars and other serving areas where space is tight. There’s a variety of models and makes to choose from one picking out a used undercounter fridge or undercounter freezer for your establishment. Most come with pretty standard features, let’s have a look at some of these standard… Read More

How To Pick the Right Ice Machine for You

There are some very important things I need to tell you. No, it doesn’t have to do with that annoying rash I have, it’s about ice machines. When shopping for an ice machine for your restaurant, bakery, bar, diner, food truck, cafe, pizzeria, what have you, it’s important to keep in mind the proper size… Read More

Well Played, Taco Bell

One fun fact about my life that always seems to shock people is that I’ve never had Taco Bell in my life. Not one bean. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about plastic gloves being found in burritos and days of agonizing bathroom trips – why would I ever go there? Fun fact number two:… Read More

Weirdest Place I’ve Ever Had a Beer

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had a beer? This is a question that comes up a lot in my every day life. I’m lying it’s never come up at all, but it popped in my head for some reason. but to answer the question that I just typed myself: the crypt of St. Paul’s… Read More

Latest Member of the One Fat Frog Family

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is proud to introduce you to the newest member of the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment sales staff. We’re keeping her name disclosed for now, but check out the wheels she rolls up to work in every day. Talk about ballin’, this high-roller pulls up in this stroller and has… Read More

Cash Discounts on Used Restaurant Equipment!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is having a special on quick cash deals for the entire month of February. This means that if you purchase your used commercial restaurant equipment from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and pay in cash, then you will get a seriously deep discount. This applies for anything and any amount… Read More

The One Fat Frog Warranty!

Stand by your used commercial restaurant equipment, that’s what my poppa always told me. Here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we have no problem standing by the used commercial restaurant equipment we deliver to the restaurant owners of Florida and beyond. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment attaches a 30 day parts and labor warranty… Read More

Bilingual Staff Activate!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a staff that’s ready to do business know matter what part of the world you are from! Well, almost. Even if we don’t speak the same language we still will find a way to provide you with the same honest service we provide every one else. Currently One Fat… Read More

A Special Call From a Client in Italy

Yesterday One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment got a very awesome call from a client all the ways over in Italy! It’s someone One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has worked with before and he was calling to see if we could help him out with some more used commercial restaurant equipment for a place he’s opening… Read More

Two Locations for Your Restaurant Equipment Needs

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has two locations to serve the restaurant owners of Florida and beyond. The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando is a massive location that has been called “a candy store for restaurant owners.” This One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment location is open to the public Monday… Read More