Used Hobart Dough Mixers for Sale! 60, 30, 20qt.

Fresh dough is always going to taste better than some that’s been frozen for who knows how long. It’s going to smell better too, an important trait for anything people put in their mouths. So why not treat your patrons to food prepared with fresh dough in your very own commercial dough mixer! One Fat… Read More

Sold! Used Hobart Dough Mixer With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Look at that slick new paint job, courtesy of the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in-house paint wizards. This used Hobart dough mixer is sold, but fret not, dear friends. We’re constantly getting in used dough mixers all sizes. If we’re out of the size you need, just check back next week and there’s a… Read More

All About Dough Maker Speeds; Used Dough Mixers Now Available

Speeds on a dough mixer are typically selected with a gearshift lever on the side of the dough mixer. On many models, employees can’t change mixer speeds unless they first stop the dough mixer. New models of dough mixers offer a feature that allows you to switch speeds while the machine is mixing. In most… Read More

All About Dough Mixer Horsepower

When you’re hunting down the perfect used dough mixer for your bakery, pizzeria, what have you, the horsepower of the mixer is an important factor to keep in mind. Horspower varies from one manufacturer to another on the same size dough mixer. Some makers put one and a half horsepower motors in the 40qt. dough… Read More

Several Used Dough Mixers Now in Stock! Act Fast!

My, my look what just arrived at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando. Are those used Hobart 60 quart mixers? Yeah they are, ya turkey! But that’s not all: (2) 60 qt dough mixers from HOBART (1) 30 qt. HOBART dough mixer (1) 30 qt UNIVAX dough mixer Yes, four… Read More