Maintaining and Replacing a Flat Griddle

One of the pieces of used restaurant equipment we move a lot of here at One Fat Frog are used flat griddles. Everyone wants one for their location because you can cook pretty much everything on them. They’re perfect for cooking breakfast items like eggs, omelets, pancakes, hash browns, etc. and just as adept at… Read More

Important Info About Flat Griddles and Grilles

Griddles and grills are perfect for preparing a variety items from breakfast dishes like pancakes and eggs, to lunch and dinner standards such as burgers, fish, steaks, and sausages. They are available in floor and countertop models and they cook on a smooth, solid surface with the heat source located below. It’s important to determine… Read More

Yer Gonna Love Our Used Flat Griddles

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is Florida’s number one source for used, high volume, high quality restaurant equipment. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a giant line of both used cold and used hot line restaurant equipment for your pizzeria, bar, deli, food truck, golf clubhouse, retirement home, etc. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has… Read More

Make the Perfect Griddle Choice (But Ask your Wife First)

A flat griddle is an essential piece of restaurant equipment for any strong kitchen. they’re perfect for cooking burgers, sausage, bacon, pancakes, chicken, steaks, the list goes on and on! When choosing the right griddle for your restaurant, there are some things to keep in mind. Here’s a couple things to think about when picking… Read More