Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets Galore!

Hey all you ice cream parlor owners, which one of you needs a high-quality used dipping cabinet? You can put ice cream tubs in them. Or unruly patrons. Or incorrigible children. Once you purchase a used dipping cabinet from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, what you put in it is your business. I see nothing.… Read More

Dipping Cabinets and Display Freezers on Sale!

For the greatest selection of used display freezers and used dipping cabinets this side of Ice Cream Mountain* head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We’ve got an assortment of them in various makes, models, and sizes and all at prices so low you’ll wanna take everyone out for ice cream. All of our used… Read More

Open Your Own Ice Cream Parlor Today!

With all of the used commercial restaurant equipment you’ll find at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, you could open your very own start-up ice cream parlor! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has absolutely everything you need for a strong, successful ice cream parlor and you can get all of the used ice cream parlor equipment… Read More

When You Dip, I Dip, Used Dipping Cabinets Now Available

“Put your hands upon my hips, when you dip, I dip, we dip.” Remember that song? I vaguely remember being annoyed every time it came on the radio. That song may have directly led to my strong distaste for the radio. I never listen to it because I don’t like hearing the same five songs… Read More

Get Your Dip On With a Used Dipping Cabinet From One Fat Frog!

One Fat FrogĀ  has a large selection of used refrigerated ice cream dipping cabinets for sale. All of the major ice cream chains – like Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins – use dipping cabinets. In fact, you can’t really run an ice cream shop without one. If you’re thinking about opening an ice cream shop… Read More