Roundup ES-1200, or basically the coolest electric egg steamer around.

Y’all just don’t know how excited I am. That’s right; I am excited enough to break out the “y’all” and if you knew this frog at all, you’d know that is a pretty big deal. So what has my restaurant equipment loving heart all aflutter? Well, this: We happen to have come across a pretty… Read More

Bakery Cases on SALE – $899

Have you guys heard Taylor Swift’s song, “Shake it Off?” If you answered no, I have to know how you’ve managed to avoid it since it plays on the radio at least 5 times during an average work day. It’s awful I LOVE IT! When I first heard the song, I thought there was a brief… Read More

Is it a full moon?

We are having a CRAZY sale at the Frog and I have to tell you, people are going mad about this restaurant equipment! It’s on a first come, first serve basis and people are going nuts! That’s good for everyone. I will continue to get a paycheck (and you’ll get to continue reading my amazing… Read More

Too Many Frogs

You may have been wondering who works at the Frog? Who just are the magical creatures who help to run our fabulous commercial restaurant equipment warehouse? Well, watch the video to find out. Don’t mind the awkward ending, apparently the girl at the end thought a picture was being taken. One of internet peeps got… Read More

Preparing for a Banquet? It’s Not As Easy As You Think

When you hear the word “banquet,” you’re probably thinking along the lines of either impossibly fancy or terribly important. But too often we only look at banquets in the perspective of the consumer. The people who get to cherish every dish and fall in love with every piece of dessert. But when the tables are… Read More

Pizza Prep Tables

I love pizza (almost as much as I love food trucks). I also love when clients come in and tell me about how they make pizza. There is something almost scientific about the perfect pizza crust. You have to cook it at just the right temperature, and cooking pizza dough in Florida is a lot… Read More

Flat Griddles, Pizza Prep Tables, Make Tables and Slicers

So, let me tell you something. One Fat Frog has a plethora of flat griddles, pizza prep tables, slicers and make tables in stock! One of my favorites, the ever so popular flat griddle, is just waiting to be purchased. I went out and took a quick count and saw we have around 15 in… Read More

Eaten Anything Weird? There’s an App for That.

There is nothing more fun than discovering something unique out there in cyber space and how you can use your smart phone to find all sorts of odd unique things. So if you have a taste for the exotic and need to know where you can get something different, well, just like everything else in… Read More

Ascend & Turbo Air Coolers and Freezers in Stock; Package Deals!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to satisfy all of your commercial cooler and freezer needs. To help ease that commercial refrigeration void in your heart, we’ve just unloaded a ton of coolers and freezers from the trusted brands Ascend and Turbo Air. No matter what size commercial cooler or freezer you’re in need… Read More

Even More Commercial Restaurant Equipment Has Arrived

Yes, even more used restaurant equipment and used commercial kitchen equipment has arrived at the mighty warehouse of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. It seems like only yesterday we were posting a list of equipment that just arrived and now here we are again. This is called high-volume, folks. And this is how One Fat… Read More

Restaurant Equipment and Financing for Tallahassee

If you’re a restaurant owner in Tallahassee, or a future restaurant owner in Tallahassee, your best bet for used commercial restaurant equipment and used kitchen equipment is without an iota of doubt One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has been supplying Tallahassee and the Tallahassee area for years with high-quality used… Read More

A Laundry List of Free Services at One Fat Frog

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in Florida that offers free delivery to nearly all of Florida! Every day the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivery crew is making free deliveries to Orlando and the surrounding areas and once a week, the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivery… Read More

Tax Incentives for Restaurants, Bars, etc.

Tax season can be pretty grueling for an independent restaurant. Thankfully, there are some tax incentives given by the IRS. These will allow restaurants, bars, bakeries, pizzerias, etc. opportunities to reduce their tax burden. Here’s a brief glimpse at some of them. The Small Business Jobs & Credit Act of 2010 lets tax payers to… Read More

Used Walk-Ins Galore! Combos! Coolers! Freezers! Oh My!

The Used Walk-In Stork made a visit to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Orlando recently and dropped off some fresh bundles of joy in the form of used walk-in combos, used walk-in coolers, and used walk-in freezers. Various sizes, makes, models, and attitudes available, but all with the tender loving care befitting One Fat… Read More

Restaurant Equipment Aint As Easy As It Looks

To say that I was as “green” as a tree frog when I opened up my first restaurant would be a gross understatement.  Sure, I had a great concept, a menu like no other in the area, and a totally awesome location — but nothing prepared me for the day my commercial restaurant equipment was… Read More

Used Restaurant Equipment Orphanage

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment sees a few truckloads of used commercial restaurant equipment come in every week – from all over Florida orphaned restaurant equipment finds its way to the welcoming arms of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. After the restaurant equipment is brought inside, the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in-house technicians give… Read More

Free Delivery & Restaurant Equipment Financing for Tampa!

Heeeeey, Tampa. Tampa is one of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s favorite places to deliver used commercial restaurant equipment to. What’s that? You didn’t know that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivers its used commercial restaurant equipment for free to Tampa? Yes, it’s true. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers more FREE delivery to more… Read More

Start a pizza restaurant in Daytona Beach, Free equipment delivery!

Looking to start a pizza place? Live in Daytona Beach, home of Bike Week and the Daytona 500? One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has two locations filled with all of the restaurant equipment & supplies you need to build the best pizzeria in Daytona Beach. Here at One fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we can help… Read More

Woodlands Indian Vegan Restaurant, Orlando!

Orlando has a pretty amazing selection of vegan option when it comes to dining out. Vegan restaurants offer a wide variety of options from American to Asian to Indian. One of the most popular vegan restaurants in Orlando with an Indian flavor is Woodlands USA. Woodlands emphasizes that they are a customer conscious restaurant that… Read More