Welcomes THE HULK to the One Fat Frog Family

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would like to introduce you to the latest member of our crew: The Hulk. I’m speaking of the huge box truck in the photo above, not the technician. Business is stellar, so the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment free delivery routes have increased! This calls for a bigger truck than… Read More

Used Dough Mixer Blowout: 2012 Tournament Turbo Edition

You can put anything in a commercial dough mixer. For instance, dough. Commercial dough mixers are perfect for bakeries, pizzerias, and anywhere else a disgusting amount of dough is begging to be mixed. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment just got in four used dough mixers from Hobart and Univax. Dig: (2) 60 qt dough mixers… Read More

Open the Cafe of Your Wildest, Raciest Dreams!

If you’ve been dreaming uncontrollably about opening up your own cafe, but have been worried that your credit isn’t in the greatest shape, fret not! Either take some sleeping pills or let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment get you the financing for all of the cafe equipment you need – no matter what shape your… Read More

Sell Your Used Restaurant Equipment to a Frog

Got some used restaurant equipment you’re looking to sell? Then bring it on down to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Orlando and let’s make a deal! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment buys entire restaurants as well as individual pieces of used commercial restaurant equipment. No matter what condition your used restaurant equipment is in,… Read More

Just a Hot Pink Cooler. No Big Whoop.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers more complimentary services than any other used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the entire universe. Every Thursday theĀ One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivery crew makes free delivery runs to different parts of the state including Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa, St. Augustine, Lake City, etc.. All of One Fat Frog… Read More

Cash Discounts on Used Restaurant Equipment!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is having a special on quick cash deals for the entire month of February. This means that if you purchase your used commercial restaurant equipment from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and pay in cash, then you will get a seriously deep discount. This applies for anything and any amount… Read More

Massive Amount of Used Cold Line Restaurant Equipment, Brrrr!

Is it chilly in here, or is it just the massive amount of cold line refrigeration equipment available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment?!?! Give up? It’s the refrigeration equipment at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, ya turkey! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got enough cold line restaurant equipment to cool off the burliest… Read More

Only One Movie is Worth Seeing This Weekend: THE GREY

Only one movie that matters is opening this weekend and that movie is THE GREY, starring Liam Neeson. Since 2009’s TAKEN, Neeson has reinvented himself as an action star, but not the young and hunky, mindless doofus action star. He’s worn and old and has these sad eyes that scream “experience.” In THE GREY, Neeson… Read More

FREE Services At One Fat Frog!

Hello there, restaurant owners and future restaurant owners of Florida and beyond. In case you didn’t know about One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s complimentary services, I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb of epic proportions on you. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment isn’t about making that extra buck or sneaking in a last-minute charge. One… Read More