New Scratch and Dent Freezer

One Fat Frog has a new scratch and dent freezer in stock…the dent is in the back. This “beauty mark” in no way affects the aesthetics or productivity of the model. I think a little banging up adds some character. Iv’e been binge-watching Californication over the last couple of days and I legitimately got upset when Hank… Read More

What’s Inside a Door?

One of the verbal lashings that stick out in my head from when I was a child was when my parents would tell me to close the fridge because we’re “not trying to refrigerate the world.” Excuse me for being picky. Anyways, residential fridges usually aren’t equipped with self-closing doors, but they’re pretty much a… Read More

Keepin’ It Cold With Used Ice Machines, Kegerators, etc.

The temperature sure does take its time to drop here in Florida. I’m from New England my body is craving temperatures in the 40s and 30s. If I was really that desperate, I could climb inside one of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s cold line kitchen items. But that would be ridiculous. One Fat Frog… Read More

Massive Haul of Used, Discounted Equipment Fresh Into the Warehouse!!!

Prepare yourselves! Our equipment buyers at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment made quite the haul yesterday and now the One Fat Frog Super Mega Restaurant Equipment Warehouse has tons of more used restaurant and food service equipment than ever before! We’re getting wall to wall here, folks. If you’re in the market to upgrade your… Read More