Loads of Bottle Coolers Now Available

Just arrived at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment location in Orlando are a gang of used bottle coolers from various brands like True and Turbo Air. These puppies are perfect for bars (duh) and any other restaurant where bottles need to be kept…cool. I just blew your mind, I know. Before being delivered to… Read More

New Refrigeration Units at Our Sanford Location!

Feel like going with some brand new stylish refrigeration equipment for your restaurant, bar, bakery, pizzeria, food truck, etc.? Then look no further than the new refrigeration line at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Sanford location! It’s getting chilly up in here due to the line of new refrigeration restaurant equipment I gotta share… Read More

A Look at the Almighty Bottle Cooler

There are a lot of different coolers in this world. Some short, some long, some tall, some skinny, some fat. But there’s only one kind that will forever own my hear. The bottle cooler. These are used in bars, restaurants, and such to keep beer, wine, and liquor cool and easily accessible. Let’s take a… Read More