Start Up: Developing a Bar Cleaning Strategy

Patrons commonly don’t get to see your location’s kitchen. That’s kept behind closed doors, so if there’s a mess or it isn’t being cleaned regularly, they’ll never know. One place you can’t hide you dirty laundry is behind the bar. At the bar, your patrons are right up front, getting intimate with your sinks, counters,… Read More

Brand New True Bottle Cooler on Sale!

Currently available at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Showroom in Sanford, FL is a brand new True bottle cooler (TD-50-18). This bad boy beer buddy features three bin dividers and enough room to house 16 1/2 cases of 12oz. bottles or 24 cases or 12oz cans. The stainless steel countertop features sliding lids. The… Read More

BART Arcade/Bar/Gallery is Now Open!

There’s a unique bar now open on Mills Ave. in Orlando and I think you should all go there this weekend. It’s called BART and it’s a bar/arcade/art gallery. They have several vintage arcade cabinets including Ms. Pac-Man, Missile Command, and Galaga – which I got the high score on when I was there. Man,… Read More

Get Your Craft Beer Business On! Used Bar Equipment for Sale

Craft beers are all the rage nowadays. The days of Miller Lite and Natural Ice are over. If you’re looking to break into the craft beer business, then head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out our selection of used beer and bar equipment! Our selection runs deep and so do the ways… Read More

Used True Kegerator and Other Used Bar Equipment on Sale

Looking to upgrade your existing bar or open up a new one? Or maybe you’re just on the hunt for some amazing man cave accessories? Either way, head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for all of your used bar equipment needs. We’ve got everything for your bar’s hot line and cold line, including various… Read More

Cheap Bar Equipment for Sale. Cheap Meaning Affordable, Not Crummy Quality

For centuries, people drank way more beer than water. It’s one of the oldest beverages – we’re talking BC here – ancient Egyptians even knew how to get down. Before water filtration, it was downright dangerous to drink. Anyone who valued their vital organs reached for a brew instead of a glass of bacteria-riddled water.… Read More

Used Bar Equipment on the Low; Bar Equipment Financing

Wanna open your own bar? That’s a dumb question, everyone does! If you’re ready to take the first step to bar ownership, head into One Fat Frog Restaurant and check out our fine selection of used bar equipment. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will even sit down with you and discuss what kind of layout… Read More

Financing for Bar and Grilles!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to finance your bar and grille! If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own bar and grille but have been sweating your credit, let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wipe your brow! No matter what shape your credit is in, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can get you… Read More

Loads of Bottle Coolers Now Available

Just arrived at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment location in Orlando are a gang of used bottle coolers from various brands like True and Turbo Air. These puppies are perfect for bars (duh) and any other restaurant where bottles need to be kept…cool. I just blew your mind, I know. Before being delivered to… Read More

Get yer Used Bar Equipment Here!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has everything you need to open up a small bar at a cost that’s way lower than you think! With our easy financing plan, you could get all of the used bar equipment you need at super low monthly prices. Lower thank you think! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has… Read More

About the Clas SRX License

Thinking about opening a bar, restaurant, café, bistro or other type of establishment serving food and alcohol? Well here’s some things you may want to consider before filing/opening up your place. There are tons of licenses out that you should consider, and it’s up to you which one you go with. Me personally I don’t… Read More

We Want Your Used Bottle Cooler & Bar Equipment!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants your used bottle cooler, kegerator, and whatever used bar equipment you may have! Give it to us, please! Well, we won’t just take it from you, we’ll give you cash! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment pays cash for dirty, broken, filthy, insidious bar equipment! No matter what shape your… Read More

Starbucks to Add Beer and Wine, Oh My!

I worked at Starbucks for about a year up in Salem, MA. It was fun and they treat their employees really well (part time w/benefits). The only draw was having to wake up at 4:15, but hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do. Anyways, something tell me I would have had a lot more… Read More

Orlando’s Redlight, Redlight Named One of the Best Beer Bars In U.S.!

Congratulations, beer belly enthusiasts of Orlando! Draft Magazine just named Redlight, Redlight of Orlando one of America’s 100 Best Beer Bars for 2012. Located on 745 Bennett Rd., Redlight, Redlight, was called a “concrete dive” that’s a Magic Kingdom all its own. Here’s the blurb from Draft Magazine: Educated bartenders, two casks and a separate… Read More

Under Counter and Back Bar Refrigeration Manufacturing Fun!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment continues its week-long look at under counter and back bar refrigeration with a look at the manufacturing method. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has several pieces of used under counter and back bar refrigeration available at ridiculous prices. On Tuesday someone came in to look at some of our refrigeration… Read More