The True TUC Family

We at One Fat Frog feel like the products we get each week have their own personalities. They’re individuals, really, each unique in their own right. Well, may not so far, but still, we do notice the families when they come in. True, for example, is a top-notch maker of several great products, and they… Read More

Used True Under Counter Cooler Now Available!

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worktop and undercounter refrigeration TRUE

seems we have a few really nice used True pieces- a three door bar back, a 48″ worktop and a 48″ undercounter refrigerator. Also have a 48″ True deli case for sale. Come on in to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and pick up some great used True refrigeration pieces. Integrity. Honesty. Value. Where a handshake carries the weight of a handshake and it’s not about making money but about making friends and repeat customers. Call 407-936-2733 Read More