A Cooler Fit for Chef Smurf

Mentioned in One Fat Frog’s previous post was a “Smurf blue” custom paint job our crew did on a cooler. Did you know that one of the Smurfs is a chef?! For real, his name is Chef Smurf (duh) and he’s the chef for the entire Smurf village. Talk about responsibility! He must have a… Read More

Let One Fat Frog Custom Paint Your Equipment!

Besides selling, buying, cleaning, and servicing all of the new/used equipment we sell, One Fat Frog’s in-house techs will also custom paint! Coolers, freezers, ice cream cabinets, ice machines, confection ovens, etc., One Fat Frog’s techs are the Renoirs of restaurant equipment! Black, white, and grey are free of charge, but One Fat Frog’s crew… Read More