2014 Black Friday Sale

Guess what time it is Frogs!? It’s Black Friday! That means One Fat Frog is having a huge Black Friday sale on all our USED Restaurant Equipment! Get all your USED Restaurant Equipment at One Fat Frog today at a HUGE DISCOUNT! You heard me correctly! Huge Sale on Restaurant Equipment! And you have to hurry and… Read More

One Fat Frog Mentioned in Restaurant Magazine

I discussed in an article last week how One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment was a proud sponsor of  Golden Corral and the Salvation Army’s “Helpings From the Heart” Thanksgiving Feast. The Feast was recently written about in Restaurant Magazine, with a nice mention given to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Thanks for the shout out,… Read More

Thanksgiving’s Gone…What about the Leftovers?

It’s a classic tale, really. You have your whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner, and you’ve got tons of leftovers. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the list is endless. So you do the smart thing, such as done in my house: you divide up the leftovers, pack them in plastic bags and Tupperware containers, and send… Read More

HOLIDAY FOOD GUIDE: Leftover Shelf Life

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment hopes you have a great one. Chances are, after the relatives leave and the dishes are piled up to the moon, you’re going to be left with leftovers. No problem here – this gives you easy dinners and lunches for like three months. But you’ve gotta… Read More

Where Does “Talk Turkey” Come From?

There’s lotsa turkey talk here on the blog today, so you can say we’re “talkin’ turkey.” This is a saying that means to speak frankly – to get right to the point, get down to business. Sometimes people use to mean “say something nice” or agreeable. But where does it come from? Turkeys gobble, that’s… Read More

HOLIDAY FOOD GUIDE: Storing and Thawing a Turkey

The holidays crept up fast, didn’t they? I’m still coming down from Halloween, for Pete’s sake, and now it’s time to buy a turkey, send out Christmas cards, and stock up on spiked eggnog. Consuming a boatload of turkey is one of the most satisfying aspects of this time of year, but there are some… Read More

Golden Corral Continues Tradition of Giving Back on Thanksgiving

For 20 years, Golden Corral and the Salvation Army of Central Florida have been giving back to the community in a big way. Every Thanksgiving they prepare over 25,000 meals and deliver them to nursing homes, shut-ins, local churches, and other locations throughout Central Florida – including the Salvation Army in Orlando. Eric Holm, franchisee… Read More

Frog Middle Child Makes a Placemat

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