Homemade Subway

Apparently, there are a lot of people on the internet who think a sandwich of any kind is a “homemade subway”. And I have proof! (This picture links to a real life tweet about it!) This frog found this Buzzfeed article. And anyone who is anyone knows that Buzzfeed is totally legit. Okay, sometimes it’s… Read More

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Pack: Equipment Lists

Nope, we’re not going Buzzfeed here. In fact, we are highlighting some of the lists you’ll need if you are to open certain restaurant concepts. If you are about to open a restaurant for a very first time, you might want to check out some of these lists. Restaurant Concepts: Equipment you need to open… Read More

The Best Life-Size Football Player Sandwich Sculpture You Will See All Day

This terrifying, life-size sandwich sculpture of former Georgia linebacker and NFL draft prospect Jarvis Jones was assembled by Subway. The nightmare is made of a chicken-salad face, footlong sub shoulders, and cornrows made of raisins. I also heard it lives under bridges and scares children (the statue, not Jones himself). Constructing life-size sandwich sculptures of… Read More


Following up the tragic news of Davy Jones’ death is some incredible and delicious news: IT’S FREE COOKIE DAY AT SUBWAY! Go into Subway, place any order, and get a cookie for free. And since it’s a leap year, making today still February, you get a bonus day for Subway’s FIVE DOLLAR FOOT LONG MONTH!… Read More

Turbochef ovens for sale

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment sells new and used turbochef ovens. Buy your new or used turbo chef oven from Orlando’s premier new and used restaurant equipment dealer, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We ship nationally and internationally. One Fat Frog is a full service food service dealer just south of Jacksonville FL and north of Miami FI. Read More