Start Up: Developing Your Drink Menu

When developing your drink menu, you should put the same creativity you used to make your food menu. Your drink menu should cater to your concept and your clientele. If your concept is a truly unique one, then your drink menu should be unique too. If you’re running a traditional family restaurant, then you should… Read More

Start Up: Licenses vs Permits; Building Codes

Once you’ve got your licenses, signed the lease, begun interviewing potential employees, and feel like things are smoothing out…there are still a slew of local laws you have to be aware of and make sure you’re complying with. These local laws are different in every city, obviously, and most are enforced by state agencies. Your… Read More

Start Up: Being Responsible About Alcohol

If there’s going to be alcohol served at your restaurant, you have to be conscious of the various risks involved and take the proper precautions. When you acquire your liquor license, oftentimes you’ll be required to take a course on precautions and steps to minimize alcohol-related problems at your location. You can also ask the… Read More

Start Up: Properly Keeping Records

Record-keeping is an essential and sometimes tedious aspect of restaurant ownership. Any business, in fact, needs to keep records in an orderly fashion. The feds require most businesses to hang on to certain documents for a specific amount of time. If you’re sweating what to keep and how long to keep it, allow One Fat… Read More

Start Up: Opening and Closing Procedures

Every restaurant needs an opening and closing checklist for employees (specifically for shift managers) to follow at the start and end of every day. The actions on these checklists are to ensure cleanliness, safety, and that everything is in top-notch shape for the start of the next shift. To help you put together your location’s… Read More

Start Up: Creating a Restaurant Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining a strict cleaning schedule is essential at any restaurant. Letting your employees slide on cleaning detail leads to a filthy restaurant that gets more difficult to clean as time goes by. This is especially true where uncovered food is concerned. Food left out is the first step to contamination, infestation, and heaps of lawsuits.… Read More

Start Up: The Importance of the Employee Manual

After you’ve hired your crew, regardless of their experience, just assume they have no preconceived understanding of your restaurant or the industry. Even if someone was a waiter for decades, when they start at your location, pretend they’re new to the business. It’s important to feed your staff as much information as possible on the… Read More

Start Up: Staffing the Kitchen Crew

Yesterday we looked into the complexities of staffing the front of house crew. Today we’re holding a magnifying glass up to the back of house (BOH) – specifically the kitchen. The kitchen is filled with several essential positions, including some unsung heroes that are critical to the restaurant running smoothly. Here’s a look at the… Read More

Start Up: Staffing the Front of House

When it comes to staffing your front of house (FOH), it’s essential to choosing employees who are personable. The FOH folks are the ones who will be in frequent contact with your patrons. There are several positions in the FOH, and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you ensure you’ve got a… Read More

Start Up: Pricing Your Menu Items

There are a few different battle plans for pricing out your menu, but you’re always gonna end up with the good ol’ trial and error process. You don’t want to charge prices customers won’t pay and you don’t want to charge less than what they’re willing to pay. There are a few factors to consider,… Read More

Start Up: Laying Out the Kitchen

Whether you laying out the kitchen in your brand spanking new restaurant or upgrading your existing one, the layout has to make sense…it has to FLOW. To imagine your flow, run through in your mind from when the order is placed from when the dishes are delivered to the patrons. Employees form both the front… Read More