Start Up: Target Segmentation

An essential part of developing your restaurant’s brand is figuring out “target segmentation.” This is a fancy talk for understanding who makes up your core group of customers so that you can better satisfy their needs as a business. If you can figure this out and understand the niches of people that will be frequenting… Read More

Start Up: Pricing Your Menu Items

There are a few different battle plans for pricing out your menu, but you’re always gonna end up with the good ol’ trial and error process. You don’t want to charge prices customers won’t pay and you don’t want to charge less than what they’re willing to pay. There are a few factors to consider,… Read More

Start-Up Restaurant Guide

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has helped countless restaurant start-ups open their doors through our financing program and affordable used restaurant equipment. Starting a restaurant from the ground up is always a challenging endeavor, but there are some basic ideas and costs you should keep in mind months before your opening. Possibly the most important… Read More