Start Up: Moving Into an Existing Kitchen

On behalf of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, I’d like to congratulate you. You’ve finally found a suitable location for your restaurant. Not only that, but you’ve found one with an existing kitchen. That outta make things easier for you! Maybe. More often than not startups that move into an existing brick and mortar location… Read More

Start Up: Creating a Training Schedule

Training your staff costs money, but just think about how much a poorly-trained employee will cost you in the long run. Worst case scenario is pretty bad…a no-nothing employee can cost you customers. Then they tell their friends what lousy service they got, and you loose prospective customers. You can’t afford this, but you can… Read More

Start Up: Staffing the Kitchen Crew

Yesterday we looked into the complexities of staffing the front of house crew. Today we’re holding a magnifying glass up to the back of house (BOH) – specifically the kitchen. The kitchen is filled with several essential positions, including some unsung heroes that are critical to the restaurant running smoothly. Here’s a look at the… Read More

Start Up: Getting Your Restaurant Plan Approved in Florida

Starting up your own restaurant means heaps of paperwork, licenses, and reviews. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can help you with the equipment-side of things, sure, but when it comes to zoning, health, and safety, that’s all in the hands of the state. Here in Florida, before any construction or remodeling can begin, the Florida… Read More

Start Up: Staffing the Front of House

When it comes to staffing your front of house (FOH), it’s essential to choosing employees who are personable. The FOH folks are the ones who will be in frequent contact with your patrons. There are several positions in the FOH, and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you ensure you’ve got a… Read More

Start Up: Pricing Your Menu Items

There are a few different battle plans for pricing out your menu, but you’re always gonna end up with the good ol’ trial and error process. You don’t want to charge prices customers won’t pay and you don’t want to charge less than what they’re willing to pay. There are a few factors to consider,… Read More

Start Up: Laying Out the Kitchen

Whether you laying out the kitchen in your brand spanking new restaurant or upgrading your existing one, the layout has to make sense…it has to FLOW. To imagine your flow, run through in your mind from when the order is placed from when the dishes are delivered to the patrons. Employees form both the front… Read More

Start Up: Screening Out Applicants

When it’s time to hire your staff, you need to make sound decisions based on the initial interviews as well as your gut instinct. Not everyone is going to work out, so don’t get down on yourself if an employe doesn’t work out. It happens. Especially when dealing with teenagers. They’re a rough lot, aren’t… Read More

Start Up: New Hire Forms

Once you’ve hired your staff, there’s a myriad of paperwork, government forms, files, etc. that need to be filled out, copied, and filed. Don’t worry about drowning in these forms though, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you through the maze. • EMPLOYEE MANUAL: If you have an employee manual (and you… Read More

Start Up: Developing a Bar Cleaning Strategy

Patrons commonly don’t get to see your location’s kitchen. That’s kept behind closed doors, so if there’s a mess or it isn’t being cleaned regularly, they’ll never know. One place you can’t hide you dirty laundry is behind the bar. At the bar, your patrons are right up front, getting intimate with your sinks, counters,… Read More

Start Up: Getting the Right Liquor License

Adding liquor and beer to your location is a great way to boost sales and draw a bigger crowd. And when you have a rough day at work you can throw back a few shots after close, know what I mean? With great liquor comes great responsibility – and loads of license requirements! They’re are… Read More

Start Up: Insurance Checklist

Under law, your restaurant is required to obtain specific types of insurance, while others are optional. The degree of insurance you have and the deductible (what comes out of your pocket before the insurance kicks in) you choose affects your premiums. The premium refers to the amount you pay for insurance. Converse with your insurance… Read More

Start Up: Putting Together Your Wait Station

Ever been in a restaurant and it takes the server forever and a day to bring you extra napkins or a straw? Or maybe you ask for a water refill and by the time it comes you’ve grown an impressive beard? Sounds like the restaurant needs a more efficient wait station for the front of… Read More

Start Up: Reducing the Waste in Your Restaurant

One expense at your restaurant that can sneak up on ya is waste. I’m not just talking about the trash brought out to the dumpster everyday. Waste also refers to labor, perishable items, utilities, and a myriad of other things that can add up quick. It’s worth the time to analyze and identify your location’s… Read More

Start Up: HACCP Plans

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has looked at restaurant cleaning and safety measures several times on the blog before, but never specifically from a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) perspective. HAACP was developed for use by NASA to ensure astronauts’ food was safe. It’s a proactive and scientific approach to looking for potential… Read More