How do Franchises work?

Okay, this frog is a sucker for stick figures. Don’t judge me. Something about a stick figure reminds me that even though whoever made the video may have a deeper understanding of the topic, they still can’t draw to save their life and that makes me happy because I can’t either. There is something to be said about being… Read More


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Preparing for a Banquet? It’s Not As Easy As You Think

When you hear the word “banquet,” you’re probably thinking along the lines of either impossibly fancy or terribly important. But too often we only look at banquets in the perspective of the consumer. The people who get to cherish every dish and fall in love with every piece of dessert. But when the tables are… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Planning Your Grand Opening

Making a first impression in the mobile food industry is incredibly important. And just like an actor who rehearses before the opening night of a production, you should run through all of your food truck’s operations before holding a grand opening. A grand opening event is a great way to establish your food truck as… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Choosing the Right Mechanic

Finding a reliable automotive repair service shop or mechanic is just as crucial as filling your food truck with reliable kitchen equipment. Your local area most likely boasts several options for mechanics or shops, so you have to locate the proper one for you. Doing so depends on several variables, which we’ll look at now,… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Pros and Cons of Joining a Franchise

Many aspiring food truck owners have absolutely no business background. There’s no shame in that. Therefore, buying into an existing food truck franchise is always a viable option that presents its share of pros and cons. When you buy into a food truck franchise, some great benefits are that you’ve already got your menu items,… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Creating Financial Projections

Putting together financial projections for your food truck business is a crucial science. It’s also a difficult task, seeing as how investors are going to want to see hard numbers reflecting several years down the road. Projections are absolutely essential for your business plan, especially if you are seeking out a bank loan. In this… Read More

Start Up Guide: Preventing Food-Borne Illness

The difficult part about bacteria, parasites, and viruses is that they multiply quickly and undetected on food. They don’t normally produce an odor or change the physical appearance or texture of food. Unlike popular belief, freezing food doesn’t kill contaminates, all it does is slow them down. Once the food is thawed, microbes can be… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Calculating Food Cost

Determining and monitoring your inventory level is crucial to save yourself from theft and loss of profits. it’s also key to making sure you’re stocked with the appropriate amount of inventory. The easiest way to determine whether you are or not is to calculate the “number of days” of inventory. This number shows you how… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Handling Food Critics

For any restaurant or food truck, a bad review from a local critic can feel apocalyptic. However, a bad review is never the only aspect that makes or breaks a business. On the other hand, one positive review isn’t going to make you the hottest food truck in your city. If that were the case,… Read More

Start Up: Food Safety Outside of the Kitchen

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has talked extensively before about food safety in the kitchen and how to avoid dreaded cross contamination. Now we’re going to discuss how to monitor food safety outside of the kitchen. Food safety doesn’t just stop once a dish has made its way to the front of house. Your FOH… Read More

Start Up: Developing an Advertising Plan

So you’ve got your concept, your location, your employees, and you’re feeling pretty good leading up to your grand opening. Don’t get cocky yet, you still have to let the world know about your restaurant. This is where an “advertising plan” comes in. You’re always going to have to pay for advertising in one way… Read More

Start Up: Target Segmentation

An essential part of developing your restaurant’s brand is figuring out “target segmentation.” This is a fancy talk for understanding who makes up your core group of customers so that you can better satisfy their needs as a business. If you can figure this out and understand the niches of people that will be frequenting… Read More

Start Up: Location Is Key

People just don’t go to restaurants because they like the food. Oftentimes, the location matters more than you think. More than all the pizza in the world, some people would say. Before choosing your restaurant’s location, it’s important to do your research. You need to know what the locations is like all hours of the… Read More

Start Up: All That Legal Stuff

Once you’ve established that you’re going to establish yourself as an established business establishment, you’ll need to converse with your attorney and your accountant on how to set up the business. There are a few options, including totally solo, setting up a partnership, and incorporating your business. This decision is very important, as it controls… Read More

Start Up: Manager Rundown

Finding the right managers for your restaurant location is critical because these folks set the tone for the rest of your employees. You’re really going to have to hire the best people for this position. Your managers control how smoothly the shift runs in your absence. Meaning, they control ultimately how much money your restaurant… Read More

Start Up: New Hire Orientation

You’ve hired another employee, congratulations. You must be doing pretty well. After you’ve had the new hire fill out all of the necessary paperwork such as the W-4, it’s time to introduce them to the ins and outs of your restaurant. Employee turnover at restaurants is high in the first two weeks of new hired,… Read More

Start Up: Properly Keeping Records

Record-keeping is an essential and sometimes tedious aspect of restaurant ownership. Any business, in fact, needs to keep records in an orderly fashion. The feds require most businesses to hang on to certain documents for a specific amount of time. If you’re sweating what to keep and how long to keep it, allow One Fat… Read More

Start Up: Doing the Payroll

Once you’ve got your employees hired and their I-9 and W-4 forms are filled out, it’s time to make an important decision…do you do the payroll duties yourself or outsource through a payroll company? One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you make that critical decision. It really depends on the size of… Read More

Start Up: Battling Foodborne Bacteria

When it comes to battling foodborne illness at your restaurant, your two biggest nemeses are time and temperature. The ideal temperature for producing bacteria is between 40 and 140 degree Fahrenheit. Never let foods stay in this temperature zone! Keep them above or below it during storage and cooking. Here are some easy to remember… Read More