Secret Menu: a Marketing Technique

Can I talk about something I love more than food trucks? (And I really love food trucks, so this says a lot.) How about COFFEE? Who doesn’t love a nice hot cup of coffee? Especially on a day like today where the weather is nippy and everyone is bundled together trying to get warm? Well,… Read More

5 Celebrities Who Own Restaurant Chains/Franchises

1. Shaquille O’Neal – Auntie Anne’s Yes my good people of Frogville, Shaq owns over a dozen Auntie Anne’s around the ole US of A. If owning not one, but 17 Auntie Anne’s isn’t a dream come true, I just don’t know what is. You can find these gems located in New York and Michigan.… Read More

A Woman Named Beautiful Existence Is Only Consuming Starbucks for a Year

A Seattle woman legally named Beautiful Existence is attempting to eat and drink nothing but Starbucks for the rest of 2013. She’s allowing herself to drink Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh bottled water, since they are both under the Starbucks brand umbrella. Beautiful Existence explains that she’s making a go at this to inspire women… Read More

Starbucks to Add Beer and Wine, Oh My!

I worked at Starbucks for about a year up in Salem, MA. It was fun and they treat their employees really well (part time w/benefits). The only draw was having to wake up at 4:15, but hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do. Anyways, something tell me I would have had a lot more… Read More

Grab & Go w/ enclosed Bakery topper Euro curved glass

used restaurant equipment and used grab n’ go bakery cases for sale at Orlando’s One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Read More

Bakery Grab n’ Go Starbuck’s Style Refrigerated Case

Gorgeous Grab-n-go / Grab n’ Go refrigerated and dry case for sale- rock bottom pricing, call (407) 936-2733 for helpful, clever and good looking sales staff at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Okay, so we’re more intelligent than good looking and more helpful than sales-type folks. Okay, so it’s really low pressure, you want it- get low pricing here. You don’t want it, that’s okay. Shop with confidence at the Frog located central to all of Florida and just a hop from Orlando and Jacksonville, FL. We ship INTERNATIONALLY. Read More