Great Aunt Gertie’s Business Ideas IN STOCK

Bored entrepreneurs of Orlando’s Frog restaurant equipment purveyors will be listing some hot business ideas hereafter for your viewing enjoyment.  Yes, quite frankly, there are many of us out here who find new and used restaurant equipment and startup a hoot.  Have you ever thought of opening the following business for your Great Aunt Gertrude?… Read More

Milky Bun: Want some ice cream with that bread?

Imagine eating two of the most filling guilty pleasures put together. It’s gooey, it’s creamy, it’s doughy. Meet the “Milky Bun.” What is it? Ice cream. Inside of a bun. One Fat Frog has had its share of interesting food and ice cream tastings, but this is something we haven’t yet tried. I can’t decide… Read More