Secret Menu: a Marketing Technique

Can I talk about something I love more than food trucks? (And I really love food trucks, so this says a lot.) How about COFFEE? Who doesn’t love a nice hot cup of coffee? Especially on a day like today where the weather is nippy and everyone is bundled together trying to get warm? Well,… Read More

Minimum Wage raises 12 cents in Florida

So starting tomorrow, it’s a lucky day for new employees! Minimum wage is being raised in FL a whole 12 cents from $7.93 to $8.05! So that means that any new hires and anyone making less than minimum wage now get a minimum of $8.05 an hour, whereas any of you old hires don’t get… Read More

Young Worker Safety in Restaurants, Again.

Do you remember when I talked about Young Worker Safety in Restaurants? Well, here’s a bit more advice from the wisdom of the Frog. I briefly mentioned machine guards , but what does that even mean? Machine guarding eliminates or controls hazards and provides essential and required protection for your employees. Machine parts have the potential… Read More

There’s a fly in my soup, and I hate your face

Odds are that any new business, especially a restaurant, is bound to have its share of trial and errors as it gets off the ground. This could potentially be a real sweet spot for tweaking the foundation of your business. The bad news is that this grace period is microscopic and you have to be… Read More

Running a Restaurant: Knowing Your Controllable Expenses

We at One Fat Frog help you in so many ways to get your restaurant going. After you pick up your equipment and you get your restaurant in order, you’ve got to start figuring out what you’re going to spend money on. And since running a restaurant is such an expensive proposition, you need to… Read More

Designing Your Menu: Avoid Frozen Food

When I’m not typing away some of the poignant words on this blog for One Fat Frog, I spend a good amount of time watching famous cooking reality shows. I do this because I can’t cook, so watching these shows makes me feel better about not trying because they’re so awesome, but that’s not my… Read More

Bar Management: Why Pouring Right Matters

Here at One Fat Frog, we help you find used restaurant equipment for your business to help your business save money. Of course, there are lots of ways to save money in the restaurant and bar business, and one of those common sense ways in the bar business is by watching the pouring of your… Read More

Restaurant Management: Managing Food Costs

We at One Fat Frog can help you get the best used equipment for your restaurant, bar, cafe, or bistro. Of course, cooking food is only as good as the food you buy, and your inventory is an area where, if you’re not careful, can cost you more than you make. So here are some… Read More

The Perfect Cocktail: The Right Blend

Ahhh yes, Professor Frog’s back with another bar-related post. What can I say? I do love the bar business. Of course, years ago, when I was a naive college boy, I thought drinking was just to get drunk. But really, drinking alcoholic beverages (such as cocktails, or mixed drinks) can be enjoyed for the way… Read More

Running a Bar: Beer vs. Cocktails

As a man, I have uttered those five famous words every man says at least once in his life: “We should buy a bar.” And when you work at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and you see the bottle coolers, the ice machines, the kegerators, it gets your head thinking funny things. But regardless, any… Read More

Running a Restaurant: Branding

If you looked at the title here and thought to yourself…what the heck is branding? Well, here is the Professor to provide your answer. Branding refers to an identity for a business. A business that properly creates its brand can survive because that brand sticks with people. Think McDonald’s, Tilted Kilt, Apple Computers. They have… Read More

Running a Restaurant: Adjusting to Changes

When I’m done with work at One Fat Frog, I like to go home and watch some of my favorite restaurant and bar renovation TV shows. I admit it, I’m a nerd about it, but there’s lots of cool stuff I’ve learned. One common mistake that several of these bar and restaurant owners tend to… Read More

Running a Restaurant: Time and Temperature

You know what sucks a lot? Going out to eat and getting sick. If you run a restaurant, you don’t want any of your customers to get sick. In the ongoing war against illnesses that could make your customers sick, you have two major foes to fight: time and temperature. We’re not just talking about… Read More

Restaurant Promotion: Social Media

Ahhh….social media. Why, back in my day, we used it to keep in touch with college friends who decided to move far away after they received their degree. Now, social media is used for everything. We play games, we share movie reviews, we show pictures of our dinners…that last one is really weird, by the… Read More

Restaurant Management: Motivating Your Employees

The restaurant business, as I’ve discussed on many occasions, can be incredibly rewarding. But speaking as someone who has worked behind the counter taking orders, doing prep work, and making orders, it can also be hectic and very stressful. When that happens, an employee can get down fast, so you’ve got to know how to… Read More

Talkin’ the Talk: Restaurant Terms to Know

So you’re ready to start your restaurant. You’ve gone through the long and arduous process to find a location, purchase it, renovate it, get the equipment (the only easy part if you came to us), get a name, and now you’re ready to open the doors. You’ve got your staff hired, and they know the… Read More

Promoting Your Bar with Promotions

So you’ve worked hard to get your bar started. You spent money on your concept, your location, your equipment (far less than you would have because you came to us first), and now you’ve got to get people in the door. Well, there’s lots of ways to do that, from using Facebook, buying newspaper ads,… Read More

Set Your Table Right!

You’d think that setting the table wouldn’t that difficult of a task, but often times, when I hear my friends complain about a poor dining experience, it often has as much to do with not getting very simple basic things at the table as it does with the quality of the food and service. Think… Read More

Choosing Menu Prices for Original Items

If you’ve got a restaurant, you want to serve good food. Obvious enough? Of course it is. Now, let’s say you’ve got a good chef who really wants to create new ideas, and he makes some good dishes, figuring the prices of your items is just the same as you would anything else on the… Read More