How to Spot a Fake ID

Regular readers of the One Fat Frog blog know that we don’t just want to talk to you about how you can get the best used equipment for your restaurant business; we also want to help you run your business better. As the self-proclaimed resident bar connoisseur at the Frog, I take the bar business… Read More

Bar Management: Why Pouring Right Matters

Here at One Fat Frog, we help you find used restaurant equipment for your business to help your business save money. Of course, there are lots of ways to save money in the restaurant and bar business, and one of those common sense ways in the bar business is by watching the pouring of your… Read More

Open a Bar: The Equipment You Need

It’s always a good time walking around the warehouse at One Fat Frog and put together my mental shopping list of the equipment I need to open my dream bar. I’m thinking of calling it The Bar Review…or not. I can tell you this, when I do open my bar, I know what I need… Read More

Running a Bar: Beer vs. Cocktails

As a man, I have uttered those five famous words every man says at least once in his life: “We should buy a bar.” And when you work at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and you see the bottle coolers, the ice machines, the kegerators, it gets your head thinking funny things. But regardless, any… Read More

Promoting Your Bar with Promotions

So you’ve worked hard to get your bar started. You spent money on your concept, your location, your equipment (far less than you would have because you came to us first), and now you’ve got to get people in the door. Well, there’s lots of ways to do that, from using Facebook, buying newspaper ads,… Read More

Throw Some Flair Into Your Bartenders!

A short while ago, we at One Fat Frog listed some of the reasons to consider giving a quality experience to your customers who visit your bars. Among endorsing drinking for quality as opposed to quantity, you want your patrons to have a good time, and we did mention finding something that separates you from… Read More