Have At You, Riddle of the Frog!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is notorious for the staggering amount of complimentary services they offer (free delivery to most parts of Florida, free gas conversion, free custom cutting boards, free custom paint jobs, etc.) as well as the spontaneous, off-the-cuff discounts. For instance, what other used commercial restaurant equipment dealer is going to offer… Read More

One Fat Frog Restaurant Riddle Challenge 2.0: Nitro

Hello there, you look wonderful today. Dare you take the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Riddle Challenge? Are you brave enough? Valiant enough? Okay, okay. I get it. You are. Well thank you for stepping up brave soul. If you are successful on your journey and you are able to slay the wretched riddle below,… Read More

Riddle Discount Goes On and On!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment isn’t afraid to throw spontaneous discount offers at you. In fact, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a constant Riddle Discount going on. At the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Orlando office, there’s a wipe board that has a riddle of the day posted. Solve it and you get a… Read More

Take the One Fat Frog Riddle Challenge!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment enjoys the lighter side of commercial restaurant equipment. If all we did all day was obsess over charbroilers and cook and hold ovens, I’m sure we’d go a little insane. That’s why we consistently hold off-the-cuff sales and offers. For example, every single day we offer a Riddle Discount. What’s… Read More