ALLERGIES: Is there Latex on the Menu? Cross Contamination

At The Frog, we have come across a number of  frequent restaurant goers about the growing concern of Latex allergies and how it affects their dining experience. There is much to consider when opening a restaurant:  whether you are a popular pizzeria, food truck, or bakery, the lifeline of any food concept is the customer.  And… Read More

Want to Crowdfund Your Restaurant?

Crowdfunding was a term for dreamers–a term where e-ink watches and a Veronica Mars movie can turn to life. But lately, there has been a different medium where crowdfunding has hit its vibe: Restaurants. And in a few ways, it makes a lot of sense. 1. You Build a Customer Base Right From the Beginning… Read More

Want to Find New Restaurants in Your Area? Think Like a Tourist.

It’s accepted at this point that, Urbanspoon, and OpenTable are the Hollywood couple of finding a place to eat. With the former two, it’s just matter of choosing one and passing “Go” for $200. And with the latter, it’s your virtual maitre’d. But the most obvious internet sources (which includes Google and Bing) aren’t going… Read More

Five Chains That Should Exist in Orlando

Nearly 35 years after the opening of Disney and the subsequent explosion of the heart of Orange County, Orlando is still noticeably absent from some notable brands. Seeing that Orlando recently bumped off NYC as the most visited city, it remains a mystery at the Frog that some new and exciting chains don’t exist here.… Read More

Startup: What Can Potential Restaurant Owners Learn From Tech Startups?

Tech startups are purportedly to have a 90% failure rate. That means by the time you already heard of a startup getting big funding, about nine already failed by the time you heard the news. For an industry that’s learned so much about failure, it’s rather surprising that there’s little, or even, correlation made between… Read More

Marketing Corner: Who is your target audience?

I’m surrounded by kids.  My kids, neighbor’s kids, friend’s kids.  They’re little.  Think everyone under ten. Understandably I’m obsessed with entertaining kids and kid-centric menus for kids.  I texted my husband the other day.  “I want to go out tonite.  I’d like to have a drink.”  Now, for the record I’m not a drinker.  If… Read More

Mini Grand performs burlesque show at One Fat Frog party for FRLA on Sand Lake Road

Mini Grand, aka Sumale Eaton, performed a burlesque show at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment party Sunday night at the new showroom at 2416 Sand Lake Road in South Orlando. Eaton, who loves creating historical costumes, admits that she has an old soul and has always loved real burlesque and not the typical “stripper”… Read More

Bigger is better at One Fat Frog’s new location

On Monday, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment opened its warehouse and sales center at 2416 Sand Lake Road in south Orlando. It’s more than 100,000 square feet of restaurant equipment for restaurants, bars and food trucks. Contact us at 407-480-3409 or email at Check out the photos of the new location.