Fall Is Here, Get Ready for the Snowbirds!

  Now that fall has arrived the snow birds will be returning to Florida soon to beat the arctic blast that will soon engulf the north. So now is the perfect time to replace that old piece of restaurant equipment you have been putting off all summer. The snow birds will be coming and they… Read More

Prepare Sandwiches in Style With These Brand Spankin’ New Prep Tables

To make the perfect sandwich it takes more than decades of apprenticeship under a Sandwich Saint, it also takes a proper preparation table! One Fat Frog restaurant Equipment has got you covered. Available now are two brand spanking new refrigerated prep tables. Both feature compact designs that would be perfect at any smaller deli, cafe,… Read More

Anecdote of Aggravation; Work Ethics for the Youth

Hey folks, Four Eyed Frog here. If you don’t mind, I’d like to vent for a hot minute. This morning I had some extra time before I had to punch in at One Fat Headquarters, so I ducked into a fast food chain that shall remain nameless. All I wanted was an orange juice –… Read More

Elivis Is Down With One Fat Frog!

Ahoy there! Last Saturday, October 1, One Fat Frog was out to support the 1st Annual CIT Motorcycle Card Run held in Oakland, FL. The event was organized by the Central Florida Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and helped raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (www.nami.org) and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.… Read More

A Menu Expert Discusses the Food Trucks, Comfort, & Authenticity

At the Menu Trends & Directions Conference held last week in Dallas, menu expert Nancy Kruse discussed innovation and three related items steering the contemporary restaurant business: food trucks, authenticity, and comfort. Kruse explained that innovation can be broken into three camps: creative comfort that feeds slower evolutionary menu innovation, food trucks that fuel disruptive… Read More

A Caravan of Restaurant Equipment is Headed to the Beaches

The continuing series of Free Delivery Thursdays at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment rolls on to the Beaches area on October 6! But our crew isn’t headed down to work on their base tans or sip martinis with Miami’s wealthy (although that sounds awesome), no, my friends. They’re heading down to stock the coast’s restaurants,… Read More

Cool Ranch in the Sky: Doritos Inventor Dies at 97

It’s a sad, sad day for every red-blooded gringo. Arch West, a former marketing executive at Frito-Lay and the creator of the Dorito, has passed away at 97 years old. I’ve never been a huge fan of junk snacks, I can’t deny the epic awesomeness of the Dorito. It just tastes good. And it smells… Read More

Signs That Your Microwave Needs to Be Put Down

The lifecycle of an average, house-hold microwave is 2,500 hours. That’s about 150,000 slices of reheated pizza and 75,000 bags of popcorn. There are several warning signs that your microwave is on its last legs – ready to nuke no more. Here’s a few to look out for: One obvious one is that it’s taking… Read More