Restaurant Startup: The Emotional Connection

We’ve all been there. We’re standing in line at a certain fast food chain known for a funny clown (you know what I’m talking about), and you turn to look at the play place where kids are laughing and smiling. At that moment, you smile as well. Why is that? Because chances are you were… Read More

Choose Your Restaurant Name Carefully!

So, I did a blog post a while ago with a list of funny restaurant names (which you can use the search bar on the right to find). That inspired me to write another blog listing some more memorable restaurant names, and the idea sprang to mind: bad restaurant names. So I went to scour… Read More

Restaurant Startup: Getting Insurance

The restaurant business is full of fun and interesting information. Whether this is fun or interesting is on you, but it is important, so you’ll want to pay attention: getting insurance. Getting the right kinds of insurance can help protect you and your business from some form of horribleness that might come your way unexpectedly.… Read More

Startup Restaurant: We Make It Easy For You!

Ask anyone out there: starting up a restaurant is hard. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a multimillion-dollar investor or you’re digging into your kids’ college fund, that doesn’t mean that people will line up at your door to sample the culinary brilliance you have to share. Even Gordon Ramsey, master of all things restaurants… Read More

Myths About Opening a Restaurant

I have to say, working for One Fat Frog and meeting so many people with big hopes and dreams for their businesses has got me thinking about what it would be like to actually run a restaurant. Many of those I meet are the same way, except, unlike me, they’re actually doing it. But there… Read More

Restaurant Packages With Super Easy Finance and Lease Programs

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers great package deals on used restaurant equipment to open your restaurant of your dream!  Look forward to some sample packages and pricing coming. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409

Restaurant Start-Up: Choosing a Name

In the restaurant business (heck, in any business), choosing a name can be a make or break decision. That name will be the first thing that will help a potential customer whether or not they will dine in your establishment. When it comes to choosing a name, you want to take careful consideration. If you’re… Read More

Start Up: Opening and Closing Procedures

Every restaurant needs an opening and closing checklist for employees (specifically for shift managers) to follow at the start and end of every day. The actions on these checklists are to ensure cleanliness, safety, and that everything is in top-notch shape for the start of the next shift. To help you put together your location’s… Read More

Start Up: Battling Foodborne Bacteria

When it comes to battling foodborne illness at your restaurant, your two biggest nemeses are time and temperature. The ideal temperature for producing bacteria is between 40 and 140 degree Fahrenheit. Never let foods stay in this temperature zone! Keep them above or below it during storage and cooking. Here are some easy to remember… Read More

Start Up: Creating a Training Schedule

Training your staff costs money, but just think about how much a poorly-trained employee will cost you in the long run. Worst case scenario is pretty bad…a no-nothing employee can cost you customers. Then they tell their friends what lousy service they got, and you loose prospective customers. You can’t afford this, but you can… Read More

Starting a Restaurant: Getting The Cash

Let’s face facts: starting a restaurant is not cheap. It’s rewarding, and can eventually be financially as well, but you do need the capital to start it off right. There are several ways that one can get the cash they need to start a restaurant, and it’s important to know that some are better than… Read More

Start Up: Pricing Your Menu Items

There are a few different battle plans for pricing out your menu, but you’re always gonna end up with the good ol’ trial and error process. You don’t want to charge prices customers won’t pay and you don’t want to charge less than what they’re willing to pay. There are a few factors to consider,… Read More

Start Up: Laying Out the Kitchen

Whether you laying out the kitchen in your brand spanking new restaurant or upgrading your existing one, the layout has to make sense…it has to FLOW. To imagine your flow, run through in your mind from when the order is placed from when the dishes are delivered to the patrons. Employees form both the front… Read More

Start Up: Putting Together Your Wait Station

Ever been in a restaurant and it takes the server forever and a day to bring you extra napkins or a straw? Or maybe you ask for a water refill and by the time it comes you’ve grown an impressive beard? Sounds like the restaurant needs a more efficient wait station for the front of… Read More