ALLERGIES: Is there Latex on the Menu? Cross Contamination

At The Frog, we have come across a number of  frequent restaurant goers about the growing concern of Latex allergies and how it affects their dining experience. There is much to consider when opening a restaurant:  whether you are a popular pizzeria, food truck, or bakery, the lifeline of any food concept is the customer.  And… Read More


Hey! Did you know that One Fat Frog offers ServeSafe Manager’s Tests? Because we do! And we are actually offering the last test of the year tomorrow! The class/test starts at 11am and will run you $89 at the time of the class. And as an added bonus, you’ll get to see me on Saturday morning.… Read More

Find the Perfect Location

I had to drive about 75 miles out of my way this morning, before coming to work (I average about 600 a week, so this isn’t a big deal to me). And let me tell you, I noticed something peculiar. I couldn’t help notice how many oddly placed restaurants/bars there were! I was driving through… Read More

Startup: What Can Potential Restaurant Owners Learn From Tech Startups?

Tech startups are purportedly to have a 90% failure rate. That means by the time you already heard of a startup getting big funding, about nine already failed by the time you heard the news. For an industry that’s learned so much about failure, it’s rather surprising that there’s little, or even, correlation made between… Read More

Startup: Buying and Managing Supplies

When you are in the restaurant business, you have to remember that as well as being a seller, you are also a buyer.  You must first purchase the inventory needed to make the product you are selling. Knowing which supplies work best for you, and which suppliers offer the best prices, will ultimately put more… Read More

Preparing for a Banquet? It’s Not As Easy As You Think

When you hear the word “banquet,” you’re probably thinking along the lines of either impossibly fancy or terribly important. But too often we only look at banquets in the perspective of the consumer. The people who get to cherish every dish and fall in love with every piece of dessert. But when the tables are… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Be consistent with cleaning procedures

It’s important to keep a clean restaurant. With a clean restaurant comes consistent procedures. One Fat Frog is here to give you a few tips on being consistent with cleaning your restaurant. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a baker, a bar tender, a food truck driver, or you’re affiliated with another food service industry, it’s… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Keep customers coming back for more

One Fat Frog has been giving you restaurant entrepreneurs tips on how to gain new customers, and slipping in a tip or two about how to get customers to come back for more. We’re back again to give you yet another restaurant startup tip. The Frog keeps its customers coming back by having special promotions and… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Use your menu to determine what restaurant equipment you need

There tends to be two types of restaurant entrepreneurs. There is the kind that has worked in the restaurant business for years, as a chef or a server or maybe a manager or general manager. That restaurant entrepreneur knows a lot about the industry and usually has a good idea of what is needed for… Read More

Restaurant Entrepreneur Comes Bearing Cheesecake

The greatest joy that One Fat Frog has is knowing that we help people realize their dreams of opening a restaurant. Whether that’s by selling them equipment for cheap, helping them obtain financing, or simply giving them industry advice, the Frog smiles whenever we see a new restaurant open up where we played a part.… Read More

Restaurant startup tip: Choosing restaurant location

Location is everything when it comes to any type of real estate, including your new restaurant. This Frog remembers a particular restaurant building that is doomed to fail. In the past 10 years, 6 different restaurants have opened in that beginning, with each quickly failing. Each restaurant and pub had a different theme, different menu,… Read More

Restaurant startup tip: The signature menu item

The restaurant menu is one of the most important aspects for the restaurant entrepreneur to consider. Location, theme, and ambiance are all important aspects of your bar or restaurant startup, but when customers are deciding where to eat they usually have one thing on their mind: food. Well, let’s be honest. For this Frog, food… Read More

Designing Your Menu: Avoid Frozen Food

When I’m not typing away some of the poignant words on this blog for One Fat Frog, I spend a good amount of time watching famous cooking reality shows. I do this because I can’t cook, so watching these shows makes me feel better about not trying because they’re so awesome, but that’s not my… Read More

Should You Buy That Restaurant? What to Watch Out For

We sell used restaurant equipment here at One Fat Frog, so of course, we like to help the start-ups, the first-time business owners, and the dreamers of restaurant gold. It’s just what we do. Of course, we also want you to have a thriving business, and if you’re looking at buying an existing restaurant, ask… Read More

Starting a Restaurant: Defining the Message of Your Business

So you’ve got the restaurant finally up and running, but there’s just one thing missing: people! No restaurant can survive without a steady stream of customers coming in, sitting down, ordering food, and having a good time. So how do you get those people in there? Well, that takes a little thing called marketing, where… Read More