ALLERGIES: Is there Latex on the Menu? Cross Contamination

At The Frog, we have come across a number of  frequent restaurant goers about the growing concern of Latex allergies and how it affects their dining experience. There is much to consider when opening a restaurant:  whether you are a popular pizzeria, food truck, or bakery, the lifeline of any food concept is the customer.  And… Read More

Young Worker Safety in Restaurants, Again.

Do you remember when I talked about Young Worker Safety in Restaurants? Well, here’s a bit more advice from the wisdom of the Frog. I briefly mentioned machine guards , but what does that even mean? Machine guarding eliminates or controls hazards and provides essential and required protection for your employees. Machine parts have the potential… Read More

Find the Perfect Location

I had to drive about 75 miles out of my way this morning, before coming to work (I average about 600 a week, so this isn’t a big deal to me). And let me tell you, I noticed something peculiar. I couldn’t help notice how many oddly placed restaurants/bars there were! I was driving through… Read More

England prison opens restaurant

When you think of a good location for a restaurant, prison isn’t one of them. The location violates pretty much all of the rules when it comes to scouting restaurant locations. It’s difficult to get to, getting a table is a hassle, and the surrounding area is unpleasant. And let’s face it, most people try… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Don’t be afraid to change your restaurant

If you’ve come into the One Fat Frog office in the last couple days, you might notice a different atmosphere. That’s because one of our salesmen, Bill, has been taking a turn as Office DJ, meaning the office music has switched from the likes of Beck and Arctic Monkeys to artists like Jimmy Buffett and… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Should my restaurant serve alcohol?

It’s time to talk about a topic that is near and dear to One Fat Frog: alcohol. One decision that all restaurant entrepreneurs have to make is whether your restaurant should serve alcohol. And if you do serve alcohol, should there be a full bar or just beer and wine? Some people just expect to… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Mystery shop your competition

Before opening a restaurant startup – and during the operation of one – one of the most important things that a restaurant entrepreneur can do is eat at other restaurants. In fact, you should be more familiar with competing restaurants than One Fat Frog employees are with area bars (especially those with cheap drinks). Think… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: How to avoid food waste

One question that One Fat Frog hears often when talking to restaurant entrepreneurs is “how do I increase profits?” The answer is complicated, but to simplify it, there are basically two ways of increasing your restaurant profits: 1) increase your sales and 2) decrease your expenses. On that second point, restaurant owners and other business… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Don’t forget the fun

One Fat Frog is having a dress-up day today in the office. More on that later, but for now keep in mind that the Froggy staff is dressed as characters from the TV show “Big Bang Theory.” We’re not just doing that because someone needed an excuse to wear a comic book T-shirt. We’re doing… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Finding the best restaurant location

One Fat Frog is back with another restaurant startup tip. I hope we’re not overwhelming you with all of these, but it’s better to have too much information than not enough, right? One of the most important decisions a new restaurant entrepreneur has to make is choosing a location for your restaurant. Whether you’re going… Read More

FAQ: How do I create a unique restaurant menu?

One Fat Frog knows a thing or two about unique restaurant menus, both from consulting the restaurant entrepreneurs who come buy equipment from us, and also from ordering lunch every day. Having a unique menu is one of the things that helps your restaurant stand out. Here are some frequently asked questions that restaurant entrepreneurs… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Choose the right restaurant style

The great thing about working at One Fat Frog is getting to see all of the different kinds of restaurants that our entrepreneur clients own. From ethnic to Americana, from fine dining to casual takeout, all restaurant types are well represented. For the first time restaurant owner, determining your restaurant style is one of the… Read More

How much time should customers spend in your restaurant?

Restaurant entrepreneurs who come into One Fat Frog have a lot to decide about their restaurant, such as the menu, size, ambiance, theme, prices, and much more. One factor that is often overlooked is the amount of time you want customers to spend in your restaurant. Depending on their business model, different restaurants hope for… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Keep sick employees away from your kitchen

One Fat Frog is very concerned with proper food safety. In part it’s because of our great respect for the food service industry. In part it’s because we eat out at restaurants, too, so we want to make sure we’re eating safe food. That’s why we host ServSafe classes right here at the One Fat… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Make sure your restaurant is well insured

When you open restaurant startup, you need to make sure that your restaurant has adequate insurance. The state will require you to be insured, but it is up to you to make sure that you have good coverage that will protect you and your restaurant from lawsuits and from damage caused by others. One Fat… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Make Your Restaurant Unique

One Fat Frog loves eating at restaurants, perhaps even a bit too much, at least according to our financial advisers and nutritionists. So we Froggers are always up for trying a new restaurant. Even for us, however, there are a lot of restaurants that we have never tried and never well. It’s not because we… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Make your new neighbors loyal customers

One question One Fat Frog gets a lot is “how do I build my new restaurant’s customer base?” It’s an important question and it’s something that every restaurant startup struggles with. Restaurants that have been around a while get a lot of customers through word of mouth and familiarity. How does your restaurant startup build… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Best way to increase profit

All restaurant entrepreneurs are concerned with making a profit. Once you are making a profit, you want to increase that profit. If you’re not making a profit, you want to at least reduce your losses. So how do you go about doing that? What is your plan for increasing your restaurant’s profits? One Fat Frog… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: How to handle complaints

As much as you would love all of your guests to enjoy their dining experience at your restaurant and have a great time, that doesn’t always happen. When you work in a service industry, you will run across customers who are upset. No matter how good you are and how good your product is, it’s… Read More