Restaurant Startup Tip: Natural Gas Safety

A large amount of the restaurant equipment we sell at One Fat Frog runs on natural gas. That’s because chefs tend to prefer gas to electric due to its increased accuracy and efficiency as well as the fact that gas equipment doesn’t heat your kitchen as much. Natural gas can be dangerous, though, which is… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Take Advantage of Low Prices

For first time restaurant owners, there are a lot of expenses that go along with opening that restaurant startup. For that reason, it’s important to save money everywhere you can without cutting corners. That’s why One Fat Frog offers so many different money-saving options. When it comes to buying restaurant equipment, you can get low… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: How To Determine Your Menu Prices

One of the things you have to determine early in the process of becoming a first time restaurant owner is the price points for your menu. For one thing, knowing how much money you plan to charge helps you determine how much you will make, which is essential for budgeting. For another thing, determining your… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Measure Kitchen and Restaurant Carefully

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made early on in the process of opening a restaurant startup. That includes figuring out things such as “how much room in my kitchen is there for the restaurant equipment?” Too often people forget that step, which can lead to problems. That’s why today’s tip… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Regular Maintenance of Restaurant

It’s time for another safety tip from your friends at One Fat Frog. If you’re wondering why we’re so passionate about safety in the food service industry, it’s because we want to be able to eat in your restaurant. An unsafe restaurant environment will ruin any evening, no matter how good the food tastes. We… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Personal Hygiene

One Fat Frog is serious about food safety, because nothing ruins a restaurant experience quite like food poisoning. That’s why we hold ServSafe classes right here at the One Fat Frog office, to make it as easy as possible for our restaurant-owning friends to get certified and produce meals that are both delicious and safe.… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Know All Applicable Laws

For the first time restaurant owner, there is no shortage of little things you have to learn, things that may have seemed trivial in the past. One such example is that the restaurant entrepreneur should learn all laws, codes, and ordinances that are applicable to their business. Figuring them out before you get started will… Read More

What equipment do I need to open a sports bar in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach is one of this Frog’s favorite cities and it is a great place to start up a sports bar. In many ways, the location is perfect for that type of a restaurant. People in Daytona Beach love their sports, yet there isn’t much local for them to go to. Racing fans have the… Read More

Start Up: Manager Rundown

Finding the right managers for your restaurant location is critical because these folks set the tone for the rest of your employees. You’re really going to have to hire the best people for this position. Your managers control how smoothly the shift runs in your absence. Meaning, they control ultimately how much money your restaurant… Read More

Start Up: The Importance of the Employee Manual

After you’ve hired your crew, regardless of their experience, just assume they have no preconceived understanding of your restaurant or the industry. Even if someone was a waiter for decades, when they start at your location, pretend they’re new to the business. It’s important to feed your staff as much information as possible on the… Read More