Chef Jeff and ServeSafe

Today, we’ve had a hustle and bustle around the office that we haven’t had in about a month. Today is ServeSafe day with Chef Jeff Rotz! And man, we had a pretty decent turn out. Lots of businesses are getting on their way, and that’s something we love to see! I had the opportunity to… Read More

Preparing for a Banquet? It’s Not As Easy As You Think

When you hear the word “banquet,” you’re probably thinking along the lines of either impossibly fancy or terribly important. But too often we only look at banquets in the perspective of the consumer. The people who get to cherish every dish and fall in love with every piece of dessert. But when the tables are… Read More

Restaurant meals inspired by Radiohead

As the de facto One Fat Frog DJ (if you come into the office, the music you’re hearing is one of my iPod playlists), I love it when my musical interests intersect with our restaurant industry. That’s why I love eating at places like Hard Rock, House of Blues, and B.B. King’s Bluesville. So I… Read More

Restaurants hate-celebrating Valentine’s Day

You’ve heard of hate-watching, right? It’s where people watch a TV show specifically so they can talk (and blog) about how terrible it is. This trend of doing something you hate for the fun of hating it has become a bit of a trend in recent years, and restaurants are now getting in on hate-celebrating… Read More

Restaurant offering $30K Valentine’s dinner

Well, the most polarizing holiday in America is coming up soon: Valentine’s Day. Come Friday, some co-workers at One Fat Frog will be enjoying their candies and flowers and all of that while others are wondering will you at least let me have some of your candy? Valentine’s Day is the day when couples are… Read More

Should your restaurant ban children?

One Fat Frog loves a good restaurant debate. Last weekend a big debate erupted in the food service industry regarding children and whether they should be allowed in fine dining establishments. And like all controversial discussions nowadays, it started because of a tweet. On Saturday, Chef Grant Achatz, chef of Alinea restaurant in Chicago, took… Read More

Restaurant entrepreneur selling business to pay for waitress’s medical bills

One Fat Frog loves feel-good stories as much as we love restaurants. This time we are sharing both. It’s the story of a restaurant entrepreneur who decided to do what it takes to help out a valued employee even if it means saying goodbye to their 17-year-old restaurant business. Brittany Mathis is a 19-year-old waitress… Read More

Coffee shop launches food drive for thief

One Fat Frog loves stories like this because it’s the perfect combination of uplifting and just plain weird. It’s the story of a man who stole from a tip jar and the offended coffee shop that offers to help him out. An unnamed man walked into a coffee shop in Stow, Ohio called the Nervous… Read More

Restaurants to Cash in on Black Friday

As the Christmas shopping season rapidly approaches, the restaurant industry prepares for one of its busiest seasons. Since people eat out more often when they’re out and about around meal time, it makes sense that peak shopping times go along with peak dining. Some restaurants are taking this to another level by coordinating their hours… Read More

Wahlberg brothers to star in reality TV show about their restaurant

Good news for people who can’t get enough TV shows about running restaurants (you can count this Frog as part of that group). There is a new restaurant-themed reality TV show on the way to A&E and it’s starring the Wahlberg brothers, two-thirds of whom are pretty famous. Wahlburgers is a Boston restaurant owned by… Read More

Food bank asks for better food

One Fat Frog loves hilarious sitcoms almost as much as we love restaurant food. Remember that old Seinfeld episode where the guy opens up a muffin restaurant that only sells the tops of the muffins, since it’s the best part anyway (the store was called Top of the Muffin  To You)? But they have to… Read More

Italy unhappy with traffic light food labels

Would you buy food that was labeled with a big symbol saying “don’t eat this; it’s really unhealthy?” That’s essentially the question that Italy has raised surrounding a healthy eating initiative started by the UK. In the United Kingdom, in an effort to fight the obesity epidemic, the government has announced plans to start using… Read More

Government shutdown affecting restaurant industry

The restaurant industry is feeling an impact from the U.S. federal government shutdown. Though we at One Fat Frog generally like to stay out of politics, representatives from the American Restaurant Association don’t feel the same way. The trade group recently spoke out against the government shutdown, saying that it is undermining consumer confidence and… Read More