Find the Perfect Location

I had to drive about 75 miles out of my way this morning, before coming to work (I average about 600 a week, so this isn’t a big deal to me). And let me tell you, I noticed something peculiar. I couldn’t help notice how many oddly placed restaurants/bars there were! I was driving through… Read More

Financing for All Kinds of Credit

The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing program has helped countless start up restaurants get all of the used commercial restaurant equipment they need. And a lot of the individuals involved in these start ups didn’t have perfect credit. Who does nowadays? So One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would like to let you know that… Read More

Restaurant Packages With Super Easy Finance and Lease Programs

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers great package deals on used restaurant equipment to open your restaurant of your dream!  Look forward to some sample packages and pricing coming. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409

Ahoy There, Finance Manager

I don’t know what the One Fat Frog restaurant Equipment in-house finance manager gets into during the weekends, but judging by the above picture, it’s awesome. I’m lucky if I can muster enough gusto to change out of my sweatpants on the weekend, but the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in-house finance manager manages to… Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Shop at One Fat Frog

There are a ton of reasons to shop for used commercial restaurant equipment at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, but this is the internet and on the internet people only read lists. Mainly it’s because people love arguing, especially on the internet where there’s no repercussions. As far as the following list goes, there’s nothing… Read More

The Finance Manager Who Never Sleeps

I hope you’re sitting down and have had all of your shots because I’m about to drop a serious knowledge bomb on you, you beautiful restaurant owners and future restaurant owners of Florida and beyond. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Orlando is the ONLY restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with its own in-house… Read More

More Trivia From Our Mighty In-House Finance Manager

While this entry isn’t trivia in the sense that there’s a solution to figure out, which will lead you to saving even more money at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, it’s still really fun. WHAT DO FILM BUFFS HAVE TO DO WITH BUFFALOES? • Buff alo is originally derived from the ancient Greek word boubalos,… Read More

Financing Restaurants in 2012

Even in the face of these hard economic time, the entrepreneurial spirit of the foodservice industry endures. Everyday, around the nation, people with a passion for food and hospitality are opening up their own restaurants – whether they be bars, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, delis, diners, cafes, etc. It takes all different backgrounds and cultures… Read More

FROGS! The Movie?

Found this amazing movie poster for the 1972 horror movie FROGS and had to share it with you all. It’s a really campy, goofy movie – if you couldn’t grasp that from the poster – but it’s pretty fun. Great date movie? Absolutely not. What does this have to do with the used commercial restaurant… Read More

Check Out This Glamor Shot of My Dog

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog about used commercial restaurant equipment to bring you this very important glamor shot of my dog, Oscar. This photo was taken last night by my fiance during a bout of insomnia. Oscar didn’t mind though, he has the most energy at night when I don’t want him to. Oscar… Read More

Did Our Finance Manager Make the Nice or Naughty List?

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s finance manager was visited by Santa Claus last night and we’ve got good news and bad news. What do you want first? The bad news? Well, the bad news is that Santa has found our finance manager to be naughty this year. The good news, for you at least, is… Read More

Financing for Restaurant Equipment! No One Turned Away!

Been dreaming up your own restaurant or bar or pizzeria but worried your credit score won’t allow it? Don’t fret! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment understands completely that times are tough but we also aren’t afraid to finance anyone with bad credit! If you have a pulse and can sign your name, we can get… Read More

Our Finance Manager Gets Loose (Or Doesn’t)

Yesterday at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse it got super busy – as it usually is. While all the restaurant equipment pandemonium is going down, in the back, casually sitting at his desk, is our beloved Finance Manager, drinking some juice. A thirsty employee cruises by and grabs the juice off… Read More

Financing Is No Problemo At the Frog!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment understands that we’re living in tough economic times, but your credit rating shouldn’t stop you from opening the restaurant you’ve always dreamed of! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can get you financed no matter what condition your credit is in. Our in-house finance manager will not rest until approval is… Read More

Someone Buy This APW Wyott 36″ Countertop Gas Griddle Before I Go Insane

Every time I walk out into the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando I feel its eyes all over me. This used APW Wyott 36″ Countertop Gas Griddle, part of their “Champion” series, won’t stop watching me. Stupid, pretentious used gas griddle. Thinks it’s so special. When I first saw it in the… Read More

Finance the Restaurant You’ve Always Dreamed Of!!!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment understands that times are tough. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ve got to take risks. Sometimes, when that risk doesn’t pay off, your credit takes a sharp decline. Don’t let that bad credit be the weight that stops you from following your dream! Let One Fat Frog Restaurant… Read More

Fresh Stock of Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment Now In At One Fat Frog!

The drivers and warehouse staff of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment have had a busy weekend, my friends. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment had FOUR truck loads of used commercial restaurant equipment delivered to the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse. There are hundreds of pieces of used restaurant equipment fresh into the One Fat… Read More

Florida Culinary Students: One Fat Frog Wants to Help You Out!

Florida has several culinary schools training the future chefs and restaurant owners of tomorrow. They’re peppered throughout the state and there are even more schools not mentioned here that are attached to larger institutions. One Fat Frog has a had a few students from Le Cordon Bleu stop by to browse our smallwares section. Just… Read More