The Frog Makes Equipment Look Like New

A few of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s team members prepping equipment for paint and detail. When we say we do the work our proof is in the finished product. Right here you see the guys taping off a used glass door True bar back. It’s for sale. Come on down. Want it custom hot… Read More

Real Life Technicians!

At the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando you can shake hands with some real life technicians! Yes, the kind of technicians that you read about in gossip magazines like Tech Beat or Wiring Monthly. While other used commercial restaurant equipment dealers fib about their staff of technicians (it usually turns… Read More

Top 5 Reasons One Fat Frog’s Technicians Rock!!!

A lot of other restaurant equipment dealers may advertise that they have technicians on staff, but that’s all a bunch of malarky. Ofterntimes, the “technician” in question is the owner who will fib about their used restaurant equipment being technician tested. Phooey. At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Orlando, you can come into our… Read More