Find the Perfect Location

I had to drive about 75 miles out of my way this morning, before coming to work (I average about 600 a week, so this isn’t a big deal to me). And let me tell you, I noticed something peculiar. I couldn’t help notice how many oddly placed restaurants/bars there were! I was driving through… Read More

Pizza Prep Tables

I love pizza (almost as much as I love food trucks). I also love when clients come in and tell me about how they make pizza. There is something almost scientific about the perfect pizza crust. You have to cook it at just the right temperature, and cooking pizza dough in Florida is a lot… Read More

Used Imperial ISB-36 Salamander Broiler

A salamander broiler is one powerful little piece of restaurant equipment. Unlike a cheese melter that’s used for topping off dishes, a salamander is like an extra, very powerful oven. If you’re looking to add a boost to your restaurant’s hot line, then One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got the salamander broiler for you.… Read More

Restaurant Owners, Measure Your Results!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s staff drops restaurant equipment knowledge every day – helping restaurant start-ups and established restaurants get the used restaurant equipment they need and the financing to support them. A lot of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s staff have a history in the restaurant business and we’re more than happy to pass… Read More

Santa Arrives At One Fat Frog! (I Think That’s Santa)

Christmas has come a week early at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! It seems in the off-season, Santa secretly works as a technician for One Fat Frog. And he trims and dyes his beard, gets a tan, and wear contacts. But trust me, it’s Santa. Santa can be seen here spreading holiday cheer through the… Read More

Mr. Sprigg’s BBQ Is a Classic!

Located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Mr. Sprigg’s BBQ and Burgers has been slinging authentic southern food since 1985. That’s not what put them on the national map though. The incredible song and commercial above is what made them darlings in the eyes of the world. As humorous as it is, I wish more independently owned… Read More

A Caravan of Restaurant Equipment is Headed to the Beaches

The continuing series of Free Delivery Thursdays at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment rolls on to the Beaches area on October 6! But our crew isn’t headed down to work on their base tans or sip martinis with Miami’s wealthy (although that sounds awesome), no, my friends. They’re heading down to stock the coast’s restaurants,… Read More

The First Portable Alchohol for Marathon Athletes

Finally. Pocket Shots, the first “flask on the fly,” is a plastic pouch filled with spirits. The company is marketing them towards adults with an active lifestyle, which I’m going to say includes bloggers. No more will adults have to be plagued by the weight of bottles or tin flasks – now we can just… Read More

The Mighty Kitchen at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX

Last week, I attended a film festival called Fantastic Fest, the largest international genre festival in the world. Over seven days, thousands of people from across the globe converge on the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Austin, TX to watch movies from Korea, China, Japan, Spain, France, Canada, and the U.S. The Alamo is world-renowned… Read More

Stuff Yourself With Oktoberfest Food!

It’s almost that time of year again! Time to drink overflowing steins of beer, sing German songs at the top of your lungs, and eat until you have to poke new hols in your belt. While the official Oktoberfest, the one that started the international phenomenon, is held in Munich, Germany, cities across the world… Read More

Used Alto-Shaam CombiTherm Will Beat You in Basketball

Make em say uunnghhhh with this used, full-size ALTO-SHAAM HUD-20-20 roll-in combitherm oven. This beast is playing chess while the other combination ovens are playing checkers. It’s beautiful face is made of a temperature glass window built around a stainless steel construction that would make the Empire State Building green. It features a simple manual… Read More

Central Florida’s Largest Selection of Under-Counter Dishwashers; Bring In Your Puppies

Under-counter dishwashers are an easy and affordable way to free up space in your kitchen. Their compact design makes them perfect for small restaurants, bars, delis, cafes, daycare centers, and puppy hotels where there’s not a lot of space to work with. And lots of puppies. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Orlando currently has… Read More

Florida Culinary Students: One Fat Frog Wants to Help You Out!

Florida has several culinary schools training the future chefs and restaurant owners of tomorrow. They’re peppered throughout the state and there are even more schools not mentioned here that are attached to larger institutions. One Fat Frog has a had a few students from Le Cordon Bleu stop by to browse our smallwares section. Just… Read More

Let the Frog Keep You Dry

This morning, two of our repeat customers brought in a silly surprise for us. They said just in case they brought an umbrella. When they opened it, those giant frog eyes greeted us and we had to take a picture of it. Spreading Frog love in the rain – when it’s needed most. One Fat… Read More

Make Fire With a Southbend Commercial Oven. Fire Is Good.

Southbend commercial range ovens are the bomb, man! My wife and I were shopping for a new range for our home recently. So being the smart guy that I am I brought her in to One Fat Frog to see what was in stock. I found, I mean, WE found this brand new Southbend range.… Read More

Squirrel Update #9

For those of you playing along at home, you know that Ajax, Swan, and Max have all opened their eyes. Since my last update, we’ve moved them to a bigger cage. I’ll take pictures of it for the next update. Me and Mrs. FourEyedFrog collected some sticks for them to climb and made a little… Read More

Smokin’ New Summer Jam: Cooking With Gas

This is the greatest rap song about cooking with gas ever made. They diss electric ovens so hard! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409 One Fat Frog • 1137 W. Airport Blvd. • Sanford, FL • 407-936-2733!/onefatfrog

A Plethora of Tables and Chairs Awaits!

Fresh into the One Fat Frog warehouse in Orlando is…(drumroll please)…3,200 chairs and 1,600 tables! So whether you’re looking for 1 or 3,200 chairs, come down to the One Fat Frog warehouse today and pick and choose, mix and match chairs to your heart’s content. Chairs vary in price, so your best bet is to… Read More

Swallowing Foreign Objects. Hey, It Happens

C’mon, at some point in your life you’ve swallowed a small metal object, right? It’s a part of growing up! Our warehouse manager’s eight-year-old recently swallowed a quarter. Why? He was hungry, ya turkey! Why else would he eat a quarter? In all honesty, he explained that he was playing with the coin, fell off… Read More