One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Pack: Refrigeration

Did you like our Pack No.1? This time, we’re covering all about refrigeration. Why? Because if fridges and freezers didn’t exist, then restaurants would likely have to order new supplies every single day. The basic features of your garden-variety fridges and freezers (called reach-ins). What’s inside a fridge? (And we’re talking about the actual technical… Read More

Meet the refrigerator dating expert

Meet John Stonehill: Refrigerator Dating Expert. He says he can tell a lot about the person by checking out the refrigerator. So he created a website and says, “Checking someone’s fridge offers great insight into who someone is as a person and what type of personality they have. Archetypes exist for a reason.” Here’s his… Read More

DAYCARE private public School : Kitchen equipment food service list

List of equipment needed to open a private school, preschool, prekindergarten, boarding school, elementary, middle school, high school or daycare commercial kitchen set up. Call 407.936.2733 for a free consult for your entire kitchen list. Read More

Beverage Air Pass-Thru convertible glass door merchandiser Refrigerator Freezer Convertible unit

Nearly new used convertible fridge freezer with double door glass pass through for beverages, desserts, deli, great for C-store, concessions, coffee shop, customer self-service grab n’ go Read More