One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Pack: Refrigeration

Did you like our Pack No.1? This time, we’re covering all about refrigeration. Why? Because if fridges and freezers didn’t exist, then restaurants would likely have to order new supplies every single day. The basic features of your garden-variety fridges and freezers (called reach-ins). What’s inside a fridge? (And we’re talking about the actual technical… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Know when to replace your walk-in refrigerators and freezers

Hey there, restaurant owners. How’s it going? How are your walk-ins doing? If you’re unsure, you should be checking out the status of those walk-in units. And I don’t mean hacking their imaginary Facebooks. One Fat Frog loves walk-ins. We love walk-in freezers, coolers and refrigerators. These units save space and keep food safe for… Read More

Refrigeration & Gas humor- Frog Parts & Service Dept style

Oh my… the conversations we have in the office.  So here is something that just went down between the boss and our service administrator: Boss:  were you saying “gasket” or “gas kit”  Administrator: gas KIT ( This conversation went on for about three minutes but I’ll leave you with the abbreviated version.) Continuing the “it’s… Read More

Honduras and Mexico shop at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment to Export

Need to export some great used restaurant equipment to Honduras or Mexico?  We also export to Venezuela, Trinidad, St. Kitts and Wisconsin.  Boss asked me to add in that last one to keep you on your toes. But, seriously, what sort of items can we help you export to Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad, St. Kitts… Read More

discount walk in coolers

looking for an affordable walk-in cooler. We offer several lines of walk-in coolers from highest quality to entry level equipment. We have over 20years experience in commercial industrial walk in settings. Looking to buy a cooler or freezer for a school, preschool or daycare? Give us a call. We can also outfit hotels, motels, catering, food service, restaurant, bar, mortuaries & funeral homes. We also do floral coolers.

call 407 – 936-FROG Read More

Beverage Air Pass-Thru convertible glass door merchandiser Refrigerator Freezer Convertible unit

Nearly new used convertible fridge freezer with double door glass pass through for beverages, desserts, deli, great for C-store, concessions, coffee shop, customer self-service grab n’ go Read More