An updated inventory list of restaurant equipment just in

Two days ago, the Frog updated you with some equipment we just got in. Here’s a more detailed list of that for all you restaurant equipment lovers, since we know you love to geek out (like we do) when it comes to brands, specs and model numbers. JUST IN at One Fat Frog: Baker’s Pride… Read More

Buyer’s Guide: Prep Tables

As a guy who used to spend a lot of time over a prep table making sandwiches for a rather well-known chain (and no, it wasn’t Subway), I know my way around them. However, some might not, and if you’re looking to start up a restaurant and need to learn about various types of equipment… Read More

The Science of Sandwich Shop Prep Tables

When I’m done here at One Fat Frog, there’s a good chance that you’ll find me heading out to a sub shop to get a quick sandwich. I even have my order down to a science: the first thing I look for is ham because there is really nothing better than ham in my book.… Read More

Equipment for a Sub Shop

It’s quite difficult to ignore the popularity of the sub shop. For one, a sub is virtually a complete meal that includes the meat, vegetables, and grains that make up a large part of your proper daily food intake. And it can be done in one stop. If you’re looking to capitalize on this thriving… Read More

Equipment coming in

One Fat Frog New and Used Restaurant Equipment has lots going on – lots of equipment!! Read More