Restaurant Equipment Geeks

I admit it- most of us Frogs are super geeky over restaurant equipment.  You’ll find we do product training with all team members to include even our office support staff.  What does this mean to you?  Well we eat and drink at your establishments because you know food and beverage.  You shop here because our… Read More

General Contractors: What You Should Know

I have talked briefly before about whether or not you should get a general contractor. Okay, maybe more than briefly since I wrote two blogs about it.  But the decision of whether or not to get a general contractor is a big one. Let’s talk again about what a general contractor does. General contractors are… Read More

Seasonal menus – Creating a menu to fit your geographical needs

I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold, this frog likes to curl up and drink a nice hot tea or eat a bowl of chili or soup. I also know that this frog is a little too lazy to make chili or soup from scratch, so I’m always looking for some restaurant to fill… Read More

Hot Wheels Food Truck

OMGosh. You guys. I’m addicted! We’ve already talked about how I love Food Trucks. I might have talked about it twice. But I’ve reached a new low. Last night, I was checking out the glass merchandisers at 7-Eleven, picking up a few waters, I turned around, and I heard angels singing. Seriously. It might have… Read More

On the Road Again….

Last night was a magical night for me! My daughter, who is 3, and I were getting ready to fuel up for our Christmas travels and we saw my favorite thing! If you have kids, you know how it works; they want to help you with everything. I wish that was an exaggeration. My daughter… Read More

Is it a full moon?

We are having a CRAZY sale at the Frog and I have to tell you, people are going mad about this restaurant equipment! It’s on a first come, first serve basis and people are going nuts! That’s good for everyone. I will continue to get a paycheck (and you’ll get to continue reading my amazing… Read More

General Contractor – Should I get one?

So here at the Frog, we’ve been working on our very own Restaurant Resource Center! In this center we’ve got a few things to hopefully help you get your dream off the ground.

STARTUP: know the professionals that help you open

Here’s a short list of different professionals that will help you startup your food and beverage concept.  Not every client will use the same professionals, but it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with their roles, job descriptions and skill sets.  Want more information?  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has helped to open more… Read More

Cash & Carry at the Frog- Memorial Day SALE

New to the Frog is an extensive floor selection of new and used food service, bar and restaurant equipment that is ready for same day pickup!  These pieces have been tested and may very well be plugged in when you come to the Frog.  There may be multiple pieces of equipment available for purchase.  As… Read More

Walk in coolers & freezers 3 DAY TRUCKLOADS SALE

Put in your order Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week and we’ll pass on the extreme savings we will get when placing an order this massive.  One truckload won’t even cover it, boys and girls, ladies and germs!  We’re ready to start saving you money beyond our usual super great deal prices.  The Frog… Read More

FAQ: Why you need a Renato oven

If you have walked through the One Fat Frog warehouse, you’ve probably noticed our Renato pizza oven. Why? For starters, because it’s a 6,000-pound behemoth and equipment of that magnitude is hard to overlook. Or maybe you noticed it because it’s one of the most stylish pieces of equipment that the Frog has – or… Read More

Job Fair Tues & Wed March 4 & 5

HIRING JOB FAIR 9:30 TO 11:30 A.M. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY We are hiring SKILLED WAREHOUSE LABOR: team members with experience with hand tools, pressure washers, macgyvers, drivers, EXPD DRIVERS must have experience driving and delivering PARTS RUNNER must have clean driver’s license and experience as courier or parts running preferred EXPD TECHNICIANS HOTLINE OR COLD… Read More


2 day only used sale Thursday and Friday, Nov. 21 & 22, 2013 ONLY CASH no dicker, crazy, lowest pricing BRAND NEW MASTERBILT ICE CREAM DIPPING CABINET, 66″ 12 TUB, $2900 first come in to the Frog at 2416 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809  LOOKING FOR GREAT PRICING?  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO… Read More