Is it a full moon?

We are having a CRAZY sale at the Frog and I have to tell you, people are going mad about this restaurant equipment! It’s on a first come, first serve basis and people are going nuts! That’s good for everyone. I will continue to get a paycheck (and you’ll get to continue reading my amazing… Read More

Starting a Bakery? Here’s the Equipment You Need

We here at One Fat Frog have a sweet tooth and love things like cakes and muffins and other delicious baked goods. Which is why we want you aspiring bakers to get your very own professional bakeries up and running…so we can raid your stocks and stuff our faces with baked goodies till our stomachs… Read More

List of Equipment Needed for Your Restaurant

So what do we do here at One Fat Frog? If you don’t know yet, we help you find the used equipment at the best deals and with great perks so you can start your restaurant. Of course, different types of restaurants will have different types of equipment needed, but there are certain types of… Read More

Just For Laughs: Some Funny Restaurant Signs

We all pass by them: those folding signs that restaurants place on the sidewalk to entice the average passer-by to come in. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, you’ve got to be clever to get my attention. And these guys were definitely clever. Here are some great signs: This… Read More

Different Types of Ovens

Whenever we think of a commercial kitchen, you think about certain types of equipment being there. One of which is an oven. Ovens are key to most kitchens, not just out in the business world, but in our homes. But what most may not know is there are several different types of ovens that are… Read More

Export Restaurant Equipment & Nationwide Sales

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment exports food service, bar and bakery equipment to customers with facilities all around the world.  We do offer airport pickup from Orlando International Airport or Orlando, FL.  Please call our office to schedule pickup. At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we had food service clients fly in from Atlanta GA… Read More

Fantastic New & Used Restaurant Equipment at One Fat Frog, Sanford

Some very nice items came into the mighty One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Showroom in Sanford, Florida recently, including some brand new pieces of refrigeration from True. The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Showroom in Sanford, Florida is now bursting with used and new commercial restaurant equipment, but nothing ever lasts long at either One… Read More

Fashion Week at the Frog

Fresh batch of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment shirts have arrived for our crew! If the “Lowest Rates on the Trail” bit confuses you, know that we’re located on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. The area north of our location on the Trail has a earned a bit of a reputation over the years for… Read More

High-End Restaurant Chairs Now Available, Ooo La-La

Now available at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando are five sets of high-end, modern restaurant chairs. These sleek used chairs are perfect for any kind of restaurant, bar, diner, upscale restaurant, pizzeria, etc. Just looking at them makes me wonder if these are the same chairs they have at various restaurants… Read More

At the Frog, Cash Talks and BS Walks

Help! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is running out of room at the Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando! And more used restaurant equipment is coming in every week! We need to make room before we drown, so to help this along, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is holding a Cash Talks & BS Walks Sale… Read More

10 Ways People Get Our Name Wrong

Yesterday a super friendly woman came in to our Sanford location. She explained to me that her husband came in last week and after I told them about our massive location in Orlando, he decided he had to check it out come hell or high water. No high water prevented him, but not remembering our… Read More