Jacksonville FREE Restaurant Equipment Delivery!

We have new and used restaurant equipment for our buddies up in Jacksonville. And Guess what, our complimentary free delivery truck will be there on August 7th! That’s next Thursday! And believe it or not, the semi is quickly reaching capacity. And our trucks are BIG. Just look at that thang.        … Read More

100,000 Square foot warehouse…100,000 square feet of dreams come true

One Fat Frog is really big. Like, we are kinda huge. I go on about it a lot because it never ceases to amaze me. Some days you’ll find me out in the warehouse playing hide-n-seek…always on my break (if my boss is reading this). When we get new clients at the Frog, they initially… Read More

September is Orlando’s Magical Dining Month

So, let’s say you’re a regular reader of the One Fat Frog blog and you live in Orlando, or you’re looking to visit Orlando sometime in the near future. Well, you should make the near future as near as possible, because Orlando will be entering Magical Dining Month. Basically, for the entire month of September,… Read More

GE Appliance Designers Predict the Home Kitchen of 2025

According to GE appliance designers at their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, the refrigerator of the future will be able to take inventory of what’s inside and place a food order for what’s low. The team was tasked with predicted the home appliances of the year 2025 and the food ordering fridge was just one of… Read More