2 day only used sale Thursday and Friday, Nov. 21 & 22, 2013 ONLY CASH no dicker, crazy, lowest pricing BRAND NEW MASTERBILT ICE CREAM DIPPING CABINET, 66″ 12 TUB, $2900 first come in to the Frog at 2416 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809  LOOKING FOR GREAT PRICING?  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO… Read More

Startup: Ice Cream & Soda Fountain Shop or Truck Under $130 a month!

When you are looking to open a concept, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is your startup headquarters for nationwide food service concepts be it kiosk, restaurant or brick and mortar or truck!  Why start up for hundreds of thousands of dollars when you can do it on a much smaller budget and immediately start seeing… Read More

Used Masterbilt Blast Freezer on Sale!

Just arrived at the mighty One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse is a majestic Masterbilt Blast Freezer! Blast freezers are just the thing you need to freeze your product rapidly and safely. Blast freezer utilize fans that circulate cold air around the interior of the freezer. What this circulation does is make contact with the… Read More