Start Up: Liquor Licenses and Permits

Yesterday I talked a little about different beverages to serve in your restaurant and how to diversify your beverage menu but when it comes to alcohol, everything I said yesterday is useless without having the correct liquor licenses/permits. There‚Äôs literally a permit for EVERYTHING. Brace yourself. I have shortened the list a smidgen because there… Read More

Start Up: Licenses vs Permits; Building Codes

Once you’ve got your licenses, signed the lease, begun interviewing potential employees, and feel like things are smoothing out…there are still a slew of local laws you have to be aware of and make sure you’re complying with. These local laws are different in every city, obviously, and most are enforced by state agencies. Your… Read More

Start Up: Being Responsible About Alcohol

If there’s going to be alcohol served at your restaurant, you have to be conscious of the various risks involved and take the proper precautions. When you acquire your liquor license, oftentimes you’ll be required to take a course on precautions and steps to minimize alcohol-related problems at your location. You can also ask the… Read More