Roundup ES-1200, or basically the coolest electric egg steamer around.

Y’all just don’t know how excited I am. That’s right; I am excited enough to break out the “y’all” and if you knew this frog at all, you’d know that is a pretty big deal. So what has my restaurant equipment loving heart all aflutter? Well, this: We happen to have come across a pretty… Read More

Hot Wheels Food Truck

OMGosh. You guys. I’m addicted! We’ve already talked about how I love Food Trucks. I might have talked about it twice. But I’ve reached a new low. Last night, I was checking out the glass merchandisers at 7-Eleven, picking up a few waters, I turned around, and I heard angels singing. Seriously. It might have… Read More

Bakery Cases on SALE – $899

Have you guys heard Taylor Swift’s song, “Shake it Off?” If you answered no, I have to know how you’ve managed to avoid it since it plays on the radio at least 5 times during an average work day. It’s awful I LOVE IT! When I first heard the song, I thought there was a brief… Read More

General Contractor – Should I get one?

So here at the Frog, we’ve been working on our very own Restaurant Resource Center! In this center we’ve got a few things to hopefully help you get your dream off the ground.

One Fat Frog – adding to the Orlando tourism industry in more ways than you think

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment adds to the Orlando tourism industry in more ways then you would think.  I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, look at the Frog they have a few employees who work for them and contribute to Florida’s economy.  And if you thought that you’d be right.  You may have also said… Read More

Free Delivery

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers free delivery throughout the state of Florida.  (See store for minimum purchases and delivery routes but basically we drive from Tallahassee to Naples to Miami and Jacksonville dropping off at most points in between).  Why take advantage of our free delivery?  It’s simple- restaurant equipment shipping costs can add… Read More

K9 for Warriors Project Provides Veterans with Service Companions

Recently, a client of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment filled us in about the K9s for Warriors project in Jacksonville, FL. This non-profit organization trains and gives service canines to veterans struggling with PTSD. The dogs, who act like “seeing-eye dogs for the mind” help the veterans assimilate to civilian life with “dignity and independence.”… Read More

Jacksonville Launches Unique Social Media Campaign for Community Improvement

Yesterday One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment discussed the JAX2025 community initiative in Jacksonville, Florida. Following up on that community-driven movement, Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown announced the “More of This, Less of That” campaign. The idea behind it is to have residents take and share photos concerning what they believe Jacksonville does well and where there… Read More

Buy your entire restaurant, bar, grill or bakery at the Frog

The Frog specializes in used restaurant equipment- super high volume.  Think Flash Gordon speed of trucks loading and offloading at the frog!  We have it- you want it!  Items in our warehouses qualify for free delivery to Ocala, Gainesville, Longwood, Altamonte, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Park, Clermont, Tavares, Leesburg, Melbourne, Titusville, Jupiter, Winter Springs, Palm Bay,… Read More


One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is always purchasing your used restaurant equipment and we will pick it up, too!  Here is a list of used restaurant, bar and bakery equipment that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will normally buy from you.  We will even pickup the equipment if you are anywhere on our free delivery… Read More

Trucks be a going to Jacksonville FL with loads of commercial restaurant & foodservice equipment

Don’t take me too seriously … I’m just having fun but do stop in for good used restaurant and commercial kitchen and commercial food service equipment you can purchase via cash or finance programs at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Orlando FL.  At these prices it’s no wonder we’ve got two truckloads of restaurant… Read More

People Travel From All Over U.S. to Shop at One Fat Frog!

If you sell high-quality used restaurant equipment and furniture, they will come. Just yesterday some people came down from Alabama just to shop at the mighty mighty One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! They left with a good chunk of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s restaurant chairs, but there are still plenty to choose from –… Read More

Giving Back to the Community With Jacksonville’s Character Counts

‘Round the lily pad of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, giving back to the community is part of our business plan. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment frequently donates food and restaurant equipment to a shelter for mentally handicapped homeless people here in Orlando, but One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment doesn’t forget those in our neighboring… Read More


Shop at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment just south of Jacksonville, northeast of Sarasota, Naples and Tampa and just a hair north of Orlando for best pricing and extensive inventory. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 1137 West Airport Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773 (407) 936-2733 Read More

We work with Construction = General Contractors call us

General Contractors work exclusively with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for small town customer service and big town professionalism. Call the Frog at (407) 936-2733 or email Read More