Roundup ES-1200, or basically the coolest electric egg steamer around.

Y’all just don’t know how excited I am. That’s right; I am excited enough to break out the “y’all” and if you knew this frog at all, you’d know that is a pretty big deal. So what has my restaurant equipment loving heart all aflutter? Well, this: We happen to have come across a pretty… Read More

It’s the Final Countdown….

So yeah, this is going on. We are still two days away from finishing our HUGE Santa Baby sale! So what does that mean for you? Well, to put it frankly, that means that our already low prices are even lower! We can help you update your existing commercial kitchen, or even help you build… Read More

Bakery Cases on SALE – $899

Have you guys heard Taylor Swift’s song, “Shake it Off?” If you answered no, I have to know how you’ve managed to avoid it since it plays on the radio at least 5 times during an average work day. It’s awful I LOVE IT! When I first heard the song, I thought there was a brief… Read More

Around Florida: Jacksonville

This week, One Fat Frog takes a look around Florida and explores what it offers, and why it’s important that we’re involved. To put it bluntly, Jacksonville is quite large. It has a monorail system, it’s home to the Jaguars, and one of the four old-school theaters in Florida (the other three being in Tampa,… Read More

Start Your Restaurant TODAY

Let me take you back to my sophomore year of high school for a moment. I had just gotten my license  and a car and was nervous about driving on the freeway, particularly merging. It was a huge fear of mine. I told one of my friends and she said she had gone through the same thing.… Read More

Lots of Jacksonville Peeps In House Today

Jacksonville has been showing one fat frog lots of love today. Lots of clients, new and old in today from Jacksonville. They probably heard we offer complimentary curbside delivery to Jacksonville and got over here as fast as possible. You should do the same, because we don’t only offer free delivery to Jacksonville, but almost… Read More

Get a Package Deal! Freezer, Cooler, and Prep Table!

Oh yes, we’ve done it again! One Fat Frog is once again giving you a deal that you make you smile and jump up and down for joy. Right now, you can get on the phone and get an amazing deal when you get a package of a used freezer, cooler, and prep table. That’s… Read More

Your Restaurant Must Look Good Too!

There are so many different elements that are incredibly important in making a successful restaurant. Yes, the food has to be good, and everyone already knows that. But what must also be remembered is your guests must be comfortable when sitting in your restaurant. There are two major elements when creating your restaurant’s layout. First,… Read More

Restaurant Owner Giving Back in Jacksonville

Today, at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando, we got a visit from a client who is opening up a Japanese restaurant in Jacksonville. Boss Frog struck up a conversation with him about One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s plans for giving back to the community this Thanksgiving and holiday season.… Read More

More Free Delivery Than Any Other Dealer on All Used Restaurant Equipment !

Because we love you so much, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers free delivery to more areas of Florida than any other dealer of used commercial restaurant equipment. For years now, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has offered free delivery on all of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s entire stock of used commercial restaurant equipment… Read More

Grab & Go w/ enclosed Bakery topper Euro curved glass

used restaurant equipment and used grab n’ go bakery cases for sale at Orlando’s One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Read More

coming to Jacksonville FL- used food service equipment

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

where it’s more important about being honest at the end of the day… shop with us. Experience and honesty. There’s a new Frog coming to town for all of your restaurant equipment needs- One FAt Frog Restaurant Equipment coming to Jacksonville fl Read More

Expansion Jacksonville FL Restaurant Equipment New / Used

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is opening a new facility in Jacksonville FL. Free local delivery- see store for details! Serving Jacksonville, Savannah, St. Augustine and Jacksonville FL call our main Orlando FL store for further information on new and used food service equipment Read More

Franchise Sales Consultation Sales

Allow us to introduce ourselves, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has seasoned sales staff who are experienced in chain and franchise startup. From Applebees to McDonald’s to fine dining like J. Alexander’s, our sales staff has worked with large chain food service establishments. If you need someone to interact with your General Contractor, customer, investor or other subs then One Fat Frog can provide that personnel.

Orlando, Titusville, Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Lake City, Lakeland, Plant City, Tavares, Eustis, Melbourne and all points in between.

If you have multiple locations out of state we also have sales staff that can travel and work with you.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

Call our toll-free ONE FAT FROG HOTLINE 1 (866) 823-9818 Read More

Used Restaurant Equipment just in

current new inventory of used foodservice and restaurant equipment just in- abbreviated list- stop in at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- just north of Orlando and south of Daytona Beach for a great deal! Read More